Run Away

Ever since Noelle's father left the family her mother has been abusing her everyday and forces her to everything and rarely feeds her. Her mom treats her like her own personal slave and when Noelle refuses to do as she says she gets punished to almost death. Noelle has always wanted to run away from her but everytime she tries she gets caught. Will she finally get lucky and run away from "hell"? Who knows..


8. Sorry


Ugh why am I so fucking stupid! I shouldn't of kissed Noelle shes with Harry. She just looked so beautiful and I got so  lost in her dark brown eyes that instead of giving her small peck like Louis said to do I just got carried away with it. I heard a knock on the door.. It was Noelle. "Hey Ni-" she began but I cut her off "Noelle I'm so sorry I shouldn't of done that I just got carried away I didn't mean to I'm sorry." I sobbed. "Niall it's ok." She said. "Are you sure?" I asked wiping my eyes. "Yes and I want you to come downstairs to apologize to Harry. Ok?" She asked. "Ok." I replied. As we walked downstairs I saw Harry and he walked over to me. I thought he was going to starting punching me to death but instead he just stood there waiting for an apology. "Sorry I kissed your girlfriend." I said looking down. "Yea ok." Harry said still pissed


Harry was still really pissed and so was I. I just acted like I wasn't to make Niall feel better because  no matter what someone has done I still hate seeing them hurt. We all awkwardly continued playing truth or dare because we still had awhile till the boardwalk opens but Niall just sat on the couch and starred at his fingers. "You going to play." Eleanor asked him. He just shook his head. "Ok then." She said. "Shall we continue the game now?" Liam asked "And lets try to limit the kissing." Liam added looking over at Louis. "Yep!" I said "And it's my turn yay!" I said looking around to see who I would choose. "Um Harry truth or dare." I asked him. "Truth." He said smiling. "Is it true that you love me and will always protect me?" I asked knowing what he would say. "Of course Noelle and I always will." He said looking into my eyes and leaning in to kiss me. The entire room filled with "Awww's" and we were still kissing. After a few seconds  we completely forgot the others were there and we began to make out. "Aw come on get a room you guys." Louis said laughing. We both blushed, we were so embarrassed. 

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