Run Away

Ever since Noelle's father left the family her mother has been abusing her everyday and forces her to everything and rarely feeds her. Her mom treats her like her own personal slave and when Noelle refuses to do as she says she gets punished to almost death. Noelle has always wanted to run away from her but everytime she tries she gets caught. Will she finally get lucky and run away from "hell"? Who knows..


4. Scared


Noelle was so beautiful and I loved her since of humor. I have no idea why her mom would abuse her. "Thank you harry." Noelle said standing up throwing away the pieces of the bowl that were still on the floor. "For what?" I asked. "For helping me of course. It really means a lot because without you I wouldn't have food or a place to stay and I would have probably died." She smiled and sat down waiting for her cereal. "Well your welcome and I'm very happy to help you." I replied smiling and she blushed. I quickly got another bowl without breaking it and pored cereal in and some milk and I slid it over the Noelle. She starred at it like it was a huge buffet. I gave her a spoon and she engulfed it in about thirty seconds. "Holy shit!" I said. She just laughed and ate another three whole bowls. The color in her face started coming back and she didn't look as sick. I'm just so glad I found her. "HEY HARRY WERE DID YOU PUT THE XBOX CONTROLLERS!?" Louis yelled from upstairs. "THERE  SHOULD BE WHERE THEY ALWAYS ARE!" I yelled back. "Who's that?" Noelle asked now eating a forth bowl. "That's one if my friends, Louis." I said. "Where are your other friends?" She asked. "Their all upstairs with Louis." I replied  "You should come and meet them." I added standing up grabbing her hand "Ok" Noelle said following me upstairs where Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor were sitting on the couch playing Xbox. 


I followed harry upstairs to find Harry's friend sitting on the couch playing a game on the tv. I was kinda scarred to meet new people and for some reason I only felt comfortable with harry. I tugged on Harry's arm and whimpered. "It's ok there not going to hurt you trust me." Harry said still holding my hand. "Hey guys!" Harry shouted. "Hey harry! Um who's the girl?" A boy with brown hair asked "This is Noelle shes my gir- I MEAN friend and she's going to be staying with us now." Harry said smiling. One of the boys got up and walked over to me "Hello love I'm Zayn." I looked up at harry and back at Zayn. "Hi." I whispered. All the others soon came over and said hello and I replied the same way. I wanted to say more and act like a normal person but I'm just naturally afraid of people but for some reason I'm not scared around harry. Hopefully later the others will warm up to me like harry did.  I needed to talk to harry. "Harry can I talk to you alone." I whispered. "Sure love." He replied and we walked to his room. 

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