Run Away

Ever since Noelle's father left the family her mother has been abusing her everyday and forces her to everything and rarely feeds her. Her mom treats her like her own personal slave and when Noelle refuses to do as she says she gets punished to almost death. Noelle has always wanted to run away from her but everytime she tries she gets caught. Will she finally get lucky and run away from "hell"? Who knows..


6. Breakfast



Noelle is so adorable when she sleeps, I woke up before her so I started  playing with her soft brown hair. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00am and I decided I should start making some breakfast for everyone like i usually do. I slowly and quietly got of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast. 



"Harry watch out!" I screamed as a car came speeding his way but it was to late he was hit. He laid there lifeless in the street I ran to his side and sobbed "please wake up." I whispered knowing it was useless. "He's not going to be waking up honey." Said a voice, a very familiar voice. I turned around to see my mom with a gun pointed at my head. I closed my eyes and waited for the trigger to be pulled I didn't even care I wanted to be with harry and BAM 


I stood up fast panting. Thank god it was all a dream, a horrible nightmare. I curled up into a ball and cried at the thought of harry being hurt like that. Speaking of harry were the hell was he? I got up, wiped my eyes and walked downstairs to find harry cooking breakfast. "Your up early." I said stretching. Harry jumped and turned around  "Holy shit you scared me and yea I'm just cooking breakfast as usual." He laughed. "Watcha making it smells good." I asked running to his side. "Nothing special just bacon and pancakes." He said shrugging. "When will it be done I'm starving." I whined "In a few seconds babe." He said putting the finished pancakes and bacon on a big plate. "EVERYONE GET DOWN HERE NOW I'VE MADE BREAKFAST AND YOU BETTER EAT IT!" Harry shouted to everyone upstairs. "I'm afraid that's not going to work harry." I laughed and went upstairs and banged on everyone's doors loudly and then ran back downstairs to eat. 
I engulfed four pieces of bacon and three pancakes before any of the others even started to come down stairs. "I'm started to think you have a bigger appetite than Niall." Harry chuckled as the other came down the stairs all looking like zombies. Liam and Danielle looked the worst. "Rough night Liam." Niall winked while eating a piece of bacon. Everyone else laughed "God I hate you guys sometimes." Liam smiled grabbing some cereal. "Are you not going to eat my amazing breakfast I made!?" Harry asked taking the cereal box away from Liam. "Hey! I was going to eat that." Liam whined like a little kid. "Well if your going to eat something have some pancakes and bacon." Harry said sliding some over to him. "Fine." He mumbled taking the plate and sitting on the couch with Danielle. "Hey Eleanor." I said  "Yea?" She asked with her mouth full of pancakes. "Are we still doing the girls night out thing later?"I asked "OH! I almost forgot
about that and yea yea were still doing it." She replied smiling. "It'll be so much fun to get to know you better Noelle." Perrie said putting her plate in the sink. "Yea." I said. Suddenly an Idea popped into my head. "Hey instead of girls night out we could all go to the new boardwalk I heard some people on the side of the streets talking about." I said getting up from the table and sitting on the couch. "Thats a great idea babe." Harry said sitting next to me and putting his arm around me. "I heard they have a cool roller coaster there!" Niall said jumping up and down in his seat. "I've never rode a roller coaster what are they like?" I asked Niall. "You'll see." He said. 

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