Drift Away

James has already signed his papers, he's about to ship off. His family hardly cares and he's excited to get away. This trip will change everything. The navy accepted him like nobody else, maybe when he gets there he'll find a reason to stay.


2. The Runner

I walked up to the recruitment office and the man pointed me in the right direction, "You are gonna be aboard the Runner, SS-275. Your a lucky man, she's a good one."

"Where is she docked?" I asked.

"She's the big girl right over yonder, she's 1,526 tons surfaced and 311 feet long. One of the best submarines in our force if ya ask me." He told me. Admittedly I was surprised to be on a submarine, and a tad scared to be submerged completely underwater. But I just nodded, thanked him, and headed on my way.

I looked around and saw the Runner coming into port. I was amazed by the ferocity it seemed to carry in its bearing yet it was gentle also. It was an image of pure awe for me, especially since all I had ever been in before was a rusty old sailboat. I was proud that I might serve on such a mighty vessel.

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