Drift Away

James has already signed his papers, he's about to ship off. His family hardly cares and he's excited to get away. This trip will change everything. The navy accepted him like nobody else, maybe when he gets there he'll find a reason to stay.


5. Help

The Runner was just waiting for me, the sun setting behind it. For a moment I felt as if I had a glimpse of home; but as soon as it came it was gone. Then I realized I had never really belonged anywhere, never really had a home. How had I made it this far without breaking down I wondered. I shook it off and continued; I would spend my night on the submarine; I didn't need the troubles of land, but the freedom of the sea.

I could hear a song emanating from the center of town, it sounded faintly of a song my mom used to sing me when I was small. It surprised me that I still could remember that, it made me sad that hadn't even bothered to say goodbye. What if I die and I never said goodbye?

I laughed at myself again. Her? Sad? Ha, yeah right. I'm pretty sure she didn't care when I was sick in the hospital with influenza when I was ten. She didn't care, never visited, never cried. Why should I worry, it didn't take much to realize all she cared for was the booze. She didn't care; she never did. So I dropped it, let my mind be free of it. Like I needed something else to stress over; I tried to relax again.

Thudding made me open my eyes, I looked down the beach and saw someone running. Huh, I thought, I guess a midnight run would be nice but it's definitely not my thing. I watched the silhouette for another moment or so then laid my head back and listened to the melodic thud and the waves brushing the shore.

After a minute I realized the pounding wasn't melodic in the least; it was panicked, faltering. I sat up again and looked hard at the figure, then I saw it was more than one, it was at least two; chasing the other. I stood and took some steps towards the people; with a scream the one in front tripped and fell, the others pounced. The next thing I knew I was sprinting.

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