Drift Away

James has already signed his papers, he's about to ship off. His family hardly cares and he's excited to get away. This trip will change everything. The navy accepted him like nobody else, maybe when he gets there he'll find a reason to stay.


1. Goodbye

I stood at the door, debating whether or not to go back and hug my mom goodbye and kiss Nana on the cheek. But why should I even bother? Mom would yell at me because I blocked her view of the TV, and Nana would just cry. Instead I just shouted, "Goodbye! To anyone that cares!" Then I slammed the door and walked to the cab.

"Where to son?" the cab driver asked.

"Navy recruit office, at the port." I told him.

He seemed a nice enough man, he chatted absentmindedly about the weather and other superfluous things. When we arrived he said, "Son, if I had the chance I'd be going right where you are but my knees have long past worn out their use and little help I would be among a ship. But son thank you. Thank you for stepping up and defending your country. Thank you will never nearly be enough but all the same I say it."

It made me sad to hear the old man thank me for things I would probably never accomplish, "I find it an honor to serve my country." Was all I could manage. I paid him and tipped my hat to him as he drove away. Oddly enough I had found it harder to say goodbye to him than my family.

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