Drift Away

James has already signed his papers, he's about to ship off. His family hardly cares and he's excited to get away. This trip will change everything. The navy accepted him like nobody else, maybe when he gets there he'll find a reason to stay.


6. Fighting

I was almost there, I was close enough to see that the fallen was a woman and the predators were men. They still hadn't heard or seen me, that was good. Sneaking up behind one of them I took his legs out from under him. The other came at me with a knife he had been intending to use on the woman. I ducked and grabbed his arm forcing him to drop the blade, Flipping him I concentrated on the other man who had quickly recovered.

He tried to fake me out and I caught a hold of his shirt and punched him right in the sternum. He fell back with the wind knocked out of him. I felt a sharp pain in my side making me cry out and turned to see the man I had flipped holding a bloody knife. My clothes soiled by my own blood. Well of course I had to wear white, I thought absentmindedly. I kind of chuckled and the man looked at me like I was crazy. He shoved me and I fell into the sand, well this is familiar; getting my ass kicked. No, I wouldn't let it happen; not this time.

I grabbed a piece of driftwood and held it in my right hand, I stood back up. Both men were facing me now; the woman momentarily forgotten. I shifted my footing and eyed them both, the smaller one came at me and I cracked the wood against his head. he fell like a rock. The bigger one was more careful, he kept faking and finally I took the step into the center; not very smart. He got me again with the knife on my shoulder and before I could react he jumped out of reach.

I chucked the driftwood at him, it glanced his shoulder but it looked like he was hurting worse than I was. I rushed up and cracked his nose with my palm, it gushed blood. The stupid girl hadn't run away yet, what an idiot. I was sitting here beating the shit out of the guy that attacked her and she doesn't even have the courtesy to move out of the way. But when I took a closer look I realized she was unconscious. Well there goes running for it.

He came at me again, I could tell he was wearing down; he was anxiously looking at his partner who still hadn't moved. I tackled him and started wailing on him. The knife didn't even effect me when he got me twice more. When I finished he was still but breathing, both of them were. I was feeling a tad faint, I looked down at myself; I was stained completely red. I felt like I had just walked out of a horror movie. My clothes were dripping blood onto the white sand, they were pearls of crimson that left black drips everywhere.

I could feel myself fading, there was no way I would fall; not here, not next to them when they could wake and slit my throat. I forced myself off my knees and stood. I shook the woman, she came to slowly but she saw me and the men on the ground. Instantly she stood and tried to assist me to the hospital; but my knees were giving out.


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