Drift Away

James has already signed his papers, he's about to ship off. His family hardly cares and he's excited to get away. This trip will change everything. The navy accepted him like nobody else, maybe when he gets there he'll find a reason to stay.


7. Fading

She tried to help me along but I was too heavy for her to carry me. I attempted to stand but I only stumbled even more. She cried out for help, I didn't think anyone would be there. I was wrong.

As I slowly lost consciousness I saw some of the men I knew from The Runner rushing towards us. I think their names were John and Blake; the world seemed to fade rather quickly. "James! What happened?" I could hear their voices turn into murmurs then the world went completely black. I was surrounded by the nothingness that had consumed me. Suddenly the pain bit through the blankness. I was afraid that nothing could bring me back when suddenly I saw a white light and felt calm. Was I dying or coming back?

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