All For One Chance

When our friends are suddenly cast into the modern world to fight the demons that threaten society and all the rules are changed; can they still fight the evil that lurks in this world? Will they be able to unite and cast off their differences? Will the hatred between brothers tear the group apart at the seams or bring their group closer than ever before as a family.


1. things you should know (a/n)

Okay this is the part where I fill you in if you have never read the manga Inuyasha or watched the anime so major spoiler alert. Or if you just generally don't get some of the Japanese I may throw in here or there.


Kami- kind of like God

Ne?- right?

miko- basically a priestess (that's what Kagome is)

Hentai- Pervert

Yosh- Hit the mark

Hanyou-halfbreed(like half human half demon)

Titami mat- they are sort of like bed rolls that were used for beds in the feudal era of Japan, very thin and often laid out on wood flooring.

Tetsusaiga- this is Inuyasha's sword that is his inheritance from his father. It has many different forms but its best known for having the ability to vanquish 100 foes with one swing.

Tensaiga- Sesshomaru's sword, his inheritance from his father, it becomes absorbed into the tetsusaiga leaving only its ability to heal behind. Ability to heal 100 in one swing.

*if I use anything that's not here there will be little translation at the bottom in a footnote of the chapter

Basic overview of the characters;

Kagome is a Miko from the future who travels back in time because of a sacred jewel. There she finds Inuyasha pinned to a tree by a sacred arrow. she pulls out the arrow he saves her from this creepy centipede lady she shatters the all powerful jewel with an arrow and they go to collect all of the shards. Along the way they meet a young kitsune named Shippo, a monk named Miroku, and demon slayer Sango. Miroku is a total Hentai and he loves the ladies, he exploits the town's wealthiest homes whenever they visit a village and flirts with all the beautiful young ladies. Miroku also has a wind tunnel in his hand that was passed down from his grandfather who was cursed by Naraku, eventually it will consume him if they do not defeat Naraku. Sango's clan was hired by a lord to eradicate his mansion of demons. her father and many of her people are slaughtered by her own brother, Kohaku, who was possesed by a demon called Naraku. Inuyasha was once in love with a miko named Kikyo, (kagome is her reincarnation who was sent back 500 years through the bone eaters well) Naraku tricked Kikyo and Inuyasha into betraying each other using his ability to take any form, he turns them against one another and that is how Kagome gets the jewel. A fatal wound dealt to Kikyo by Naraku (while he had the guise of Inuyasha on) killed her and she had the sacred jewel burned with her body and took it into the afterlife with her where it is reborn inside of Kagome.

basically they are all enemies against Naraku. Kagome is a sweet girl who has a younger  brother named Sota, a loving mom and a crazy grandpa who all live in the Higurashi Shrine (her name is Kagome Higurashi). She was fifteen when she first went down the well, on her 15th birthday to be precise.

we also meet the cold-hearted Lord Sesshomaru on the way, he is a demon and Inuyasha's older brother. He depises humans and his hanyou half-brother. That is until a small young girl comes along when he is injured by Inuyasha (who cut off one of his arms in battle), this little girl's name is Rin and she bring him food despite the fact that he doesn't eat human food. Rin dies and Sesshomaru brings her back to life with the Tensaiga. Seeshomaru also has a small green imp that follows him around named Jaken and a dragon with two heads called Ah-Un. We all know that Rin is slowly melting the frozen heart of our beloved lord sesshomaru.

so in the end the defeat Naraku and destroy the jewel. to destroy the jewel kagome ad to make a wish on it and she wished for it to disappear from this world forever after a short kiss from inuyasha who chased after her into the void that the jewel had enclosed her in.

oh on a general note, sesshomaru and kagome are not usually paired in the anime or the manga, like at all. It is usually a blossoming love between Kagome and Inuyasha. Ok I think thats it!

 sorry this was a bit rushed but the rest will be much more eloquent, I promise!!!

 this whole story happens right after they emerge from the void.


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