All For One Chance

When our friends are suddenly cast into the modern world to fight the demons that threaten society and all the rules are changed; can they still fight the evil that lurks in this world? Will they be able to unite and cast off their differences? Will the hatred between brothers tear the group apart at the seams or bring their group closer than ever before as a family.


2. Prologue

The warehouse we had taken refuge in for the night only heightened our fears. The creaking boards that surrounded us were just too omniscient; my back trembled from the cold. Ever since we had defeated the evil Naraku and destroyed the Shikon Jewel we had been too carefree and the Kami punished us for it. Three days after Inuyasha and I returned from the void we were all ripped from that time and sent here to face the evils of the modern world. I’m Kagome, and my friends Sango and Miroku, Inuyasha and his brother Sesshomaru were the ones that were pulled back into the future with me. Much further into the future than even Inuyasha and I have ever been; about five hundred years after I was born in Tokyo.

So now we hide from the demons that have over run this world and hope that they will not find us, the well has disappeared and there seems to be no way back but we will still fight to survive. After all if Naraku couldn’t defeat us then there is no reason that we could be defeated now.

The demons are so much different in this time; most of them are remains brought back to life through science or are half cyborg. I have a hard time purifying the cyborgs since the metal cannot be purified and then the demon skin immediately regenerates. There seems to be little any of us can do.

Inuyasha has changed he never bugs me anymore; he only seems to notice when I make mistakes. If I ever had the illusion that there was something between us it is long gone by now. That one kiss we shared was sweet, but it was the end of something beautiful instead of just the beginning.

Now where the battles used to bring Inuyasha and I together in the past, they seem to be driving us further and further apart. But I understand, his demon instinct is taking over and it’s telling him that I am a liability and cannot protect myself. Miroku understands me though; he and Sango are growing closer than ever; even though without his wind tunnel he is practically helpless, just like me. Every once in a while I see him unwind the beads he keeps around his forearm in the midst of battle only to rewrap them again.

Sesshomaru seems to be growing restless, he misses Rin and I can understand that. I wouldn’t be able to tell though if it weren’t for his eyes. They grow restless just like they used to when something was wrong with Rin. Kami knows I miss Rin too; her everlasting smile and unwavering loyalty, the way that only she can be funny while making fun of Jaken. I even miss that silly little toad and his incessant babbling; it’s much too quiet here.

Still Sesshomaru’s eyes have yet to calm, and I have not seen him rest since we got here. I kind of miss the jerk he used to be, it was a steady constant, something that I definitely wish I had here. Now there is only everlasting silence from him. But his eyes betray him, they are broiling with anger and hate and sorrow; an everlasting mixture that torments the soul.

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