All For One Chance

When our friends are suddenly cast into the modern world to fight the demons that threaten society and all the rules are changed; can they still fight the evil that lurks in this world? Will they be able to unite and cast off their differences? Will the hatred between brothers tear the group apart at the seams or bring their group closer than ever before as a family.


3. Chapter 1

I walked high above my pack as I practiced my balance on the rafters. I knew this wasn’t actually a practice since if she fell; there would be no one to catch me so I took it as real experience as I jumped across the beam. My targets were covered in arrows and my brow had a light sheen of sweat.

“Don’t you think it’s about time you come down Kagome?” Sango shouted up to her. “You’ve been up there for hours.”

“No, I need more practice!” I called down.

I heard an exasperated sigh but there were no more complaints. I lost my balance when I heard Inuyasha. “She needs the practice, she hasn’t been really all that helpful lately.” It was more of a muttering, but I could still hear it in this echoing warehouse. A pang of sadness went through me as I remembered a time when they were still close.

As I slipped my hand grabbed onto a beam and I pulled myself back up. I saw the glances that Miroku and Sango shot my way; they were laced with pity. I let off a dozen more arrows in quick succession, a faint “yosh,” was heard at the release of each.

My fingers were quickly becoming too slick from my sweat to hold onto my bow. I slung the bow around my back and wiped my hands on my torn skirt. If mother could see me now; I thought forlornly, she would be so disappointed. She probably worried about me for the rest of her life along with grandpa and Sota. Oh my poor baby brother, at least he was long gone before these things showed up; I’m glad he didn’t have to live through this. He deserved better. I wonder if he got married to that girl he had a crush on that we helped him finally ask out. They were so cute. I hope he did find a good person to spend the rest of his life with because I don’t think we are coming back. I don’t think I will survive long enough to find a way back to you Sota. I’m sorry.

I shook my head to rid myself of selfish thoughts. I’m not the only one missing home. I looked at Sango, I know she must miss Kohaku as much as I miss little Sota. And Miroku, he must miss his master; but at least Sango and Miroku have each other.

I spotted Inuyasha sitting in the corner with Tetsusaiga; I wonder if he misses anyone? Maybe Shippo? Or Kaede perhaps?

A movement from Sesshomaru caught my attention as he made himself more comfortable. He misses Rin, I can tell from his eyes. She seems to dance behind them in his mind, invading his every thought. I wonder if he misses Jaken as well. I miss that little toad’s incessant mindless chatter. Everything around here is just too quiet all of the time.

I stretched my tired muscles and swung myself toward the targets, taking shots mid leap before grabbing the next beam. Once I reached the target I plucked out all the arrows and put them back in my quiver. Kaede had helped me out and given me a charmed quiver a while back, it can hold any quantity of arrows. It has come in handy many times; especially since we cannot just make new arrows here, I only have the ones that were in my quiver before I was sent back. It’s a good thing I stocked up for the final battle with Naraku, I had a good few hundred still stuffed in there. They break quite often though because of the stupid steel interior of these mindless beasts. Kami why are scientists so stupid? There like zombie demon Terminators that cannot be controlled, even by themselves. They have one mission, destroy the world. And it’s our job to stop them I guess. I feel like that’s what we were sent here for and if we eradicate all of these creatures we can go back to where we belong.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

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