Little Girl Blue

After keeping other employees hostage, Rebecca discovers a unique creature that she has never laid eyes on. Locked up, in a cage. Will Rebecca discover what is really going on?


7. Chapter 7 - Finale

Rebecca was startled back to reality by a loud voice in her ear. Look at those legs! I’d love to pin her arms behind her head and really go to town. Rebecca noticed the man sitting next to her, a portly man in a rumpled suit. He was staring at her legs, licking his lips. Rebecca got up and took a seat at the other end of the bus.

An hour later, the bus stopped at a row of stores. Rebecca stepped into the parking lot and walked into a nearby pharmacy. She bought a change of clothes, a scarf to cover her hair, and a sweatshirt with a hood. She helped the blue girl get the sweatshirt on over her dress, hoping the hood would be enough to hide her from prying eyes.

Ten blocks away, she arrived at Empire State Plastic Surgery. Robert’s car was in the lot. He was working late. Rebecca walked inside and talked to the receptionist, a young woman in a tight sweater who had obviously taken advantage of the clinic’s services. “Doctor Rob will be out in a minute,” she said. “Take a seat.”

Yawning loudly, the blue girl climbed into a chair and popped her thumb in her mouth. Twenty minutes later, a tall man with a tangled mop of blond hair walked out into the lobby and stared. “Rebecca? Is that you?”

Pulling the scarf from her head, Rebecca stood and smiled. “Hello, Robert. I’ve missed you so much! It’s finally happened. I’ve finally found the solution to our – my – problems. I met this girl, and I’m going to raise her as my daughter.”

“What are you talking about? What is it?” Robert asked, staring at the sleepy girl with ice-blue skin.

“The spacers brought her here,” she said. “She reads minds.”

Before Robert could reply, he heard his voice float down from the air. Reads minds? But it’s just a baby! What the hell is she talking about? “My god.”

As the receptionist left for the night, Rebecca explained everything she had done that day. Rescuing the blue girl, stealing a car, running from the police, everything. “And now, I have her with me, and everything’s going to be alright. We can be together again.”

“Is this really about us, or do you just want me to change your face?” Robert asked. “You want me to make you look different, so you can hide from the police.”

“This is real,” Rebecca insisted. “She is going to solve everything.”

“I don’t understand,” Robert said, mystified. “What does it – she have to do with our relationship?”

“Oh, don’t you see? Robert, I’ve always been afraid to be honest, to open up to you. I love you so much, but I’ve always hated me. I was so terrified that you would grow to hate me. I built a wall around myself, hid myself from you. And then you said you were going to leave.” Rebecca felt close to tears. “I tried to tear down the wall, but it was just too high. But my little bluebird can fly over the wall! She can look into my heart, and tell you everything I’ve always been afraid to say. And eventually, I’ll learn to say these things for myself.”

“It’s a crutch!” Robert said, stunned.

“I need a crutch,” Rebecca confessed. “I’m broken. But she will give me the opportunity to really heal! Please, Robert, can we give one more try?”

Robert looked more than a little overwhelmed. “I don’t know what to say… This is a lot to take in at once. I need to sleep on it. Well, I’m sure the police are already staked out at your place. Why don’t you come back to my condo, spend the night there?”

As they walked outside and headed for Robert’s car, the blue girl looked into his mind. This will take some time to get used to…But I think we’re finally going to be OK.

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