Little Girl Blue

After keeping other employees hostage, Rebecca discovers a unique creature that she has never laid eyes on. Locked up, in a cage. Will Rebecca discover what is really going on?


6. Chapter 6

It took Rebecca two years to finally become comfortable around Robert. He graduated school and became a plastic surgeon, which gave him plenty of money to spend on her. After dating for a year, Robert convinced her to leave college without her degree, and come with him to New York City where he was starting a practice. Deeply in love, Rebecca followed without question. They moved in to a large condo, nearly a hundred levels in the air. The building was on the beach, and the view was breathtaking. On a clear day, Rebecca felt like she could see all the way to England. At night, Robert would take her onto the balcony and they would listen to music, dancing with the stars.

One day, early in December, Robert came in to the living room where Rebecca was watching television. “I was out shopping for Christmas presents,” he said. “I found perfect gifts for my brothers and my parents, and I even found something for my cousin Gary that I know he’ll love. I haven’t seen him in six years, but I know he’ll love it. And then I decided to buy your gift… But I couldn’t.”

“Why?” Rebecca asked, shutting of the television.

“Because,” Robert said, emotion creeping into his voice, “I have no idea what you like. We’ve been together for more than a year, and I have no idea what your interests are or what kind of music you like or what your favorite movie is or what books you’ve read… I don’t know who you are.”

“Where is all this coming from?” Rebecca asked, stunned. “I don’t know what you mean. Don’t we talk? Don’t we talk every day?”

“Sure, of course we do. But you’re always the one who leads the conversation. You always want to talk about philosophy, politics. Such great, world-encompassing ideas. But you never talk about yourself! You never tell me what you’re thinking, how you feel about me. I have no idea what it’s like to be you. How does it feel to be in your skin?”

“You ought to know; you’ve been inside of me,” she said, forcing a laugh.

“Don’t get cute. This is serious. I see you writing in that damn diary every morning, so I know there is more to you. More of you that I never get to see.” Robert looked close to tears. “If you can’t talk to me, if you can’t trust me, then this… this just isn’t going to work.”

Rebecca pushed herself up from the couch and stumbled over to him. “Don’t say that,” she gasped. “Don’t you say that! We can work this out.” Suddenly she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

That night, when they went to bed, Robert wrapped his arm around Rebecca and pulled her close. Usually she would relax, sink into his arms, but that night she felt cold. Robert felt like a stranger.

“Some things are supposed to remain private,” Rebecca thought, “even from your lover. I can stand naked before him without a thought, but a naked mind, that’s far too frightening. But he’s right. I’ve been holding him at a distance. I hold everyone at a distance. I love Robert so much, so why can’t I make him feel it? All this time together, and I’ve never learned to speak.”

Robert went through the motions for three more months before finally, exhaustedly, giving up. Rebecca’s relationship was falling apart before her eyes, and she felt powerless to do anything to stop it. One morning, she awoke expecting to feel Robert’s arms around her, but there was nothing.

He was gone.

A/N Hey guys! Thank you all so much for all the reads, likes, favourites and support. I'm sorry to say that the next chapter will be the last :( I can't express how grateful I am to have readers like you :D

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