Little Girl Blue

After keeping other employees hostage, Rebecca discovers a unique creature that she has never laid eyes on. Locked up, in a cage. Will Rebecca discover what is really going on?


5. Chapter 5

Rebecca turned off the radio and scanned the sky. No one seemed to be following her. “All clear. Well, princess, looks like we can stop for dinner!” She dropped down to one of the low levels, where there was a tiny diner called “Tsunami Bob’s.” A spinning sign on a poll advertised “Cold Beer – Hot Waitresses.” Rebecca wasn’t particularly interested in either. She just wanted a sandwich.

“You can’t come inside,” she said, “sorry. I’ll be right back with food!” The car was new enough to have “sleep” windows, designed to black out the back seat so passengers could sleep on long trips. Rebecca darkened the windows, hiding the blue girl from the world. She headed inside and took a seat at a long counter.

A waitress behind the counter grunted a hello. “Two ham and Swiss sandwiches, French fries, coffee,” Rebecca said, “to go.” Glancing around the diner, Rebecca noticed two men at a booth dressed in identical gray suits and mirrored sunglasses. One of them glanced in her direction, but quickly looked away. At least, he appeared to look away. With the mirrored sunglasses, it was difficult to tell for sure.

The waitress handed Rebecca a greasy plastic bag. She headed for the door, her shoes clicking on the tile floor. The diner seemed oddly quiet. Rebecca stopped and looked over her shoulder. The men in gray had both gotten up from their booth, despite having several plates of food.

“Shit. Cops.” Not wanting to draw any undue attention to herself, she walked calmly out the door, but the instant her feet hit the parking lot, she ran. She dived in the car and lifted off. Behind her, in the back seat, a disembodied voice was saying something about the one I saw on Wanted TV. Wanted TV was a private television network broadcast directly to police cars all over the country.

Rebecca flew up, up to higher levels, almost crashing into several skyways. She aimed the car into the setting sun. A red light flashed in the distance. The undercover officers were coming up fast behind her. Rebecca threw the car’s throttle into full acceleration, the engine squealing in protest. The police car drew closer and closer, their red lights glaring at her in the rearview mirror.

Rebecca turned off the car’s lights. It vanished in the darkness, but the cops were still following. Suddenly she switched off her engine, the car falling like a three-ton atone. The blue girl screamed in fright. Above her, the police car zipped past, its red lights vanishing in the distance. Rebecca threw the engine back on, jolting to a stop only eight levels from the ground. She turned her lights back on and turned around, not wanting to head in the same direction the police had gone.

“I’ll drive back past Tsunami Bob’s diner,” she thought, “and make a wide loop, and go back the way I was heading. Those cops are bound to turn around and look for me any minute… Fortunately, unmarked police cars don’t have Spy Spots. All I have to do is stay at a lower level, and I should be able to leave the area undetected… Oh, hell.”

Twenty levels up, four police cars were scanning either side of the street with Spy Spots. The undercover officers had called for backup. “Looks like that cop at the pet store called in,” Rebecca thought. “They would never send out this many cars for a thief, but assaulting an officer, that’s a different story. Cops are like a gang – always ready to take revenge when you wrong one of their own.”

She inched along, doing her best to drive casually, blend in with the rest of the traffic. Suddenly, a noise like a microwave being unplugged. The lights, dashboard, and engine all died simultaneously. The car dropped, levels rushing past like lightning. Finally, the car’s parachute fired. The immense, silken canopy opened, spreading like an orange flower. The car dropped gently to the dirt, sending a giant cloud of dust skyward. Seconds later, two police cars landed on either side of her. Four officers jumped from the cars, lasers drawn.

Sighing deeply, Rebecca threw open her car door. “I surrender!” she yelled. “Hold your fire. I surrender!” With her hands over her head, she stepped out of the car, her feet touching real ground for the first time in many years.

One of the officers, a familiar-looking heavyset man, holstered his laser and produced a pair of handcuffs from a pocket on his sleeve. “Put your hands behind your back,” he snapped.

The officer jerked her hands roughly behind her and snapped on the handcuffs. Frisking her briefly, he found her laser pistol, which he shoved into his belt. He pulled Rebecca to the police car and threw her in the back seat. His partner, a bone-pale man with a brush cut, grabbed the blue girl and carried her with him back to his car. The heavyset officer pressed the “home” button on his dashboard, setting the car on autopilot back to the station.

“How the hell did you disable my car?” Rebecca demanded.

“Oh, that,” the heavyset one laughed. “That was something new. We’ve got a dish on the side of the car that fires a funnel of microwave energy. It fries the electronics in cars, disabling them. Best part is, the emergency parachutes are entirely mechanical, so it doesn’t even touch ‘em. That’s why you’re not dead.”

“Yeah, I got that last part,” she muttered.

“What kind of thing is this, anyway?” the skinny officer asked.

“She is not a thing,” Rebecca snapped. “She is a little girl; she has blue skin because she is from another planet.”

“Well, I’ll be damned. Been a while since I seen an offworlder, what with all the new disease control laws. She must be special to be allowed here.”

They drove in silence for a long time. The car lifted to a higher level, floating past several brightly lit skyways. Some teenagers on a skyway greeted the police with obscene gestures. The car headed forward again, floating over a long strip of neon signs, the city’s casino district.

God, I wish Paul would loose some weight. Maybe then he wouldn’t smell so bad.

“What the hell?” The heavyset officer, apparently Paul, glared at the girl in his partner’s lap. Paul turned to Rebecca in the back seat. “Did it do that? How did it know my name?”

“She reads minds,” she explained calmly. “That’s why the spacers are going to all the trouble to import her people to Earth. Anything she makes you hear, someone has to think it first.”

“Harry,” Paul said to his partner, “Do you really think I smell?”

“Um, no?” Harry looked confused. I wonder if he believed me… Oh, of course he did. He believed me when I said I didn’t sleep with his wife!

“Harry!” Paul bellowed. “What the hell?”

“I didn’t say that,” Harry insisted. “It was the blue thing! Look, why don’t I just throw it out the window?”

“You can’t do that!” Paul yelled. “This is a criminal investigation, and it’s part of the evidence!” Harry’s such a moron. He would never have gotten this job if his mother didn’t sleep with the police chief!

“You leave my mother out of this!” Harry yelled at the blue girl. He tried to grab her by the neck, but she bit his finger. Harry howled in pain, popping his injured finger into his mouth.

Serves you right, you idiot! I’d throw you out of this car right now, if I wasn’t sleeping with your sister!

“P-Paul?” Harry said, confused. “Paul’s sleeping with my sister?”

“Oh, what the hell,” Paul sighed. “Yes, Harry, I’ve been screwing your sister for years. What are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Land this car right now, so I can kick your head in!”

“Just try it!” Paul yelled. He disengaged the autopilot and landed the car in the lot of a large casino called The Lucky Seven. The two men piled out of the car and walked over to a lamppost where they could see clearly enough to fight.

Rebecca rolled on her back, closed her eyes, and kicked the window of the police car. She was showered in broken glass. With her hands still handcuffed behind her back, she turned around and reached out the broken window to open the door. She jumped out of the car and opened the front door.

“I can’t believe it,” she gasped. “They left my laser in the car!” She grabbed her laser from the front seat and, twisting carefully, blasted the chain between her wrists. “I can’t steal the police car without the passcode,” she thought. “But I can make sure they can’t use it, either!” Rebecca pulled the girl from the car, suddenly very glad that she was light enough to carry in one arm. Rebecca stepped to the front of the car and fired two shots into the engine block.

“Hey! She’s getting away!” Harry yelled. The two men, bloody and gasping for air, rushed for the car. Rebecca fired wildly behind her, running for the skyway. She barreled down the stairs, and then fired a blast into the skyway above her. The power cable for the skyway’s lights fell free, the live wire landing on the metal stairway.

“That ought to hold them off for a little while,” she thought. “They’ll have to run two blocks to the next stairway.” Rebecca ran to the corner, where there was a robot bus loading passengers. After half an hour, there was no sign of police pursuit. Rebecca felt she could finally relax.

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