Little Girl Blue

After keeping other employees hostage, Rebecca discovers a unique creature that she has never laid eyes on. Locked up, in a cage. Will Rebecca discover what is really going on?


4. Chapter 4

The next semester, Rebecca pulled a few strings and got herself admitted into an upper-level anatomy class. Robert’s class. She took a seat on the other side of the auditorium, and spent the class time watching him. His shoulders were broad, muscular and sexy, and his skin was firm and smooth, like polished stone. At the end of class, she gathered her things and headed for the door. She felt a hand on her back. Robert.

“I noticed you smiling at me,” he said. “You’re name’s Rebecca, right? I think that’s what you said during roll call. I wanted you to know that… I like you, too. If you weren’t doing anything this weekend, maybe you – ”

“I’m going to be late for class!” she blurted suddenly, turning and rushing for the door. Outside, she collapsed at the foot of her favorite tree and cried. She felt pulled in two directions. The thing she wanted most scared her more than anything in the world. But at least she was safe. You can never lose what you never touch.

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