Little Girl Blue

After keeping other employees hostage, Rebecca discovers a unique creature that she has never laid eyes on. Locked up, in a cage. Will Rebecca discover what is really going on?


3. Chapter 3

In the stolen car, high above the city, Rebecca sighed sadly. “Oh, Robert,” she thought, “I never did know what to say to you. What good is love if you can’t speak?” The car’s fuel gauge beeped, bringing her from her daydream. “Oh, I’m almost out of hydrogen. I’d better find a fuel station, fast.”

A few blocks later, she landed in the lot of a fuel station and stepped out of the car. She waved her hand in front of the hydro pump. The pump scanned the RFID tag in her wristwatch, automatically downloading her name and credit information. She shoved the nozzle into her fuel tank and climbed back in the car to check on the girl. She was sitting on the back seat, happily squeaking the pig. The girl looked into Rebecca’s eyes, and her face changed from contentment to worry. Gently, ghostlike, a voice spoke in Rebecca’s ear. Was that her? I think that was the woman on the news! I’d better call the police.

Startled, she scanned the parking lot. There were several people in the lot, but only one of them was looking in her direction. A young woman with purple hair was staring at her and digging in a large book bag. Rebecca walked over to the woman, her hand in her pocket. She made sure no one else was looking in their direction, and then calmly drew her laser pistol. “Give me your book bag,” she said. “Now.” Wordlessly, the woman handed it over. Rebecca rushed back to her car and lifted off. “Great, I’m on the damn news,” she groaned.

Rebecca switched on the radio. The radio scanned the RFID tag in her watch, automatically downloading a list of her favorite songs. The radio searched for an appropriate station, and turned up the volume. The music soaked into her, and Rebecca relaxed. Soon, her mind wandered back to her days in college.

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