Gemmas best friend

I'm Lauren Sosa. I have been friends with Gemma styles since forever. He brother has always been there to. I stay with Gemma all the time, hey she is my best friend. I have to stay at her house for a mounth while I wait for my apartment to be exterminated and rebuilt. I would have enjoyed my stay if harry wasn't such a pervert. Help me!


4. Waking up

Lauren's  point of view:
I jumped onto Gemma's  bed as she came in. She climbed in wiggled around a little. I turned over toward her and watched her type something on her phone. She put her phone on her night stand and turned to face me. I raised my eye brows waiting for her to say something. 

"Justin and I are going shopping tomorrow and I want you to tag along. "

Justin, Justin Bieber. Her boyfriend. She met him at the kca's. and they clicked instantly. 

Her life was really full of celebrity's. 

I just signed and clamped my hands twice to turn the lights off. 

She just giggled and moved closer to me. She wrapped her arms around me and snuggled close with me. 

We weren't lesbian's or anything we just liked to snuggle. 

"Goodnight, gem." I whispered 

"Goodnight" she whispered back. 

And slowly but surely I drifted asleep. 

Harry's point of view:

I stepped down from my large bed and placed my foot on the cold hardwood floor. 

I walked over to the couch that was in my room and tapped on Zayn. 

He stirred but didn't move. 

I tapped again.

"Zayn, it's time." I whispered 

He finally pulled his head up to look at me. 

 I smirked at him and he raised himself out of his position. 

We stepped out of the room and slowly walked to Gemmas room. 

Lauren was laying in Gemmas arms al wrapped up. 

I walked over to her and tried to figure out how to move Her out if Gemma's grip. 

I pushed Gemma's hand to the side. She stirred and turned to the other side. Perfect. 

Zany came over and grabbed her by her legs and I grabbed her upper body.  

She wasn't very Heavy so we got to move her quickly. 

Once we reached my bedroom, I gently placed her on my bed. She turned over and hugged my pillow. Going back into her deep sleep. 

I gave zayn a high five and climbed into the bed with her. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head in the crook of her neck. 

I slowly drifted to sleep hearing her soft breath hit the pillow. 

Lauren's point of view:

I woke up facing an orange wall, with two muscular arms around me. I ignored it for a moment and stretched and yawned. 

I looked over to my side where Harry was asleep with his hair in a mess. With his arms wrapped around me. 

Ewe, I looked at him with dagger eyes as he woke up. 

He is dead. 

"So Harry do you know why I'm in your bed?" I said really sweet. 

"Because I needed someone to snuggle with." He said smirking. 

I've always hated that smirk. 

"We'll here's the thing," I said leaning towards him. "I'm not, your snuggle buddy." I said harshly. 

He just chuckled, and said. "My house, my rules, my guest, gets the best."

"First of all I'm not YOUR guest I'm Gemma's and second of all I don't have the best right now, I had the best when I was in there with Gemma, that's where I'm going right now" I snapped. 

I began to walk away, seeing all the boys wake up. Harry turned me and around and kissed me gently on the lips. 

I pulled away, and starred into his eyes like it had meant something. He tried to lean in for another kiss, to only be slapped by me. It was pretty hard. 

He clenched his jaw, and walked over to the bed. 

I walked out not saying anything. I returned to Gemma's room to find her still sleeping. I decided not to wake her and got in. 

I'm most likely not going to tell her about the Harry incident, since she would kill him and I wanted to do that so it's my little secret for now. 

I heard my phone say you got a text
Girl. Gemma had said that so I would answer her more often. 

I read the screen. 

To: Lauren 
From: leeyumm
Our girlfriends are going shopping and I was wondering if you wanted to tag along.  -Liam xx

From: Lauren 
But Gemma invited me to go with her and her boyfriend.  And I said I would go. -Lauren xx

From: leeyumm
But you know that she only invited you to go with her and Justin because she doesn't want you to feel left out. -Liam xx

Your right. So okay I will. -Lauren 

From: leeyumm
Okay. They will be here at 3 so be ready. 

It was 11:25. I got plenty of time. I locked my screen and out my phone on the night stand. Falling back to sleep and hearing a ding at the moment.

Authors note: 
So are you babes enjoying it yet. It will get better I promise because I have a contest going on. If you want to be Zayn's  , Liam's, Niall's, Harry's or Louis's girlfriend. Leave
Your name, what you look like, personality and of course witch boy you want. Thank you so much for reading this it means a lot. If you want check out my other Movellas and tell me what you think. Love you my little babes. 




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