Gemmas best friend

I'm Lauren Sosa. I have been friends with Gemma styles since forever. He brother has always been there to. I stay with Gemma all the time, hey she is my best friend. I have to stay at her house for a mounth while I wait for my apartment to be exterminated and rebuilt. I would have enjoyed my stay if harry wasn't such a pervert. Help me!


2. Truth or dare

Lauren's pov: I walked downstairs and found Gemma talking to Liam and laughing. I walked into the tv room and saw Zayn and Louis watching pitch perfect. It was the part where the girl sings in the shower. I walked over and sat beside Louis. Harry walked in and sat down next to me. I kept my eyes focused on the movie. I felt someone rubbing my back and going further down toward my bum. I grabbed the hand that was Harry's, and slung it over to him. He chuckled. Louis looked at me and winked. "What?" I asked him. "Nothing babe." He said and laughed a little. He put his arm around me and I pushed it off and got up. I walked past Zayn and got a slap on the butt. I have him a evil glare. And walked to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, looked at my phone and realized it was already 7:30. I signed and walked to Gemmas room to find her in there changing. "Hey, pass me my bag." I told her. Se threw it to me and I opened it. "I have a empty drawer over there if you want to put your clothes in there, cuz you are staying a while." She suggested. I nodded and went and put my clothes in there. I took out some softie shorts with a tank top. I put on my pink bunny slippers and followed Gemma. "Can they stay over?" I over heard harry saying. "I don't care"Anne said. Great. Gemma walked to the kitchen where they all were in pajamas. They must have planned this. I sat down on a stool and spun around while the boys stared at me. I raised my eyebrows giving them a big eyed look. They all smirked and looked away. "Girls, I have to go on another business trip, so I will be gone for a while, do you mind being here alone, Lauren?" She told me. Great, note of sarcasm. Everyone looked at me. And I smiled. "Yepporoni!" I said. "Great, well bye girls!" She gave harry and Gemma a kiss on the forehead and waved at me and the boys. Then she was out the door. No parents, how am I going to live. Gemma laughed at Louis who was sticking carrots up his nose. "Let's play a game!" Harry suggested.  "How about truth or dare?" Niall suggested. I sometimes forget he's here, he never speaks to me. Everyone nodded and we went to Gemmas room, I wonder why everyone like to stay in here so much. Harry was asked first by Gemma. "Truth or dare?" Gemma asked. "Dare!" Gemma got up and walked to harry, she whispered something in his ear. He got up and walked over to her drawers as everyone watched. He opened the top drawer, MY DRAWER! I started panicking as he stuck his hand in to pull out....

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