Gemmas best friend

I'm Lauren Sosa. I have been friends with Gemma styles since forever. He brother has always been there to. I stay with Gemma all the time, hey she is my best friend. I have to stay at her house for a mounth while I wait for my apartment to be exterminated and rebuilt. I would have enjoyed my stay if harry wasn't such a pervert. Help me!


7. Kisses?

Lauren's pov: 

I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him in front of me, I smashed my lips onto his. 

I pulled away as he was getting into it. 

"There! If I liked him I could have him so back off."  I said in a question form. 

"No you can't! Harry's mine! So back off cunt." 

"Excuse you. But I'm done. I don't like Harry and that's final, go back to your slut life and get over it." I said walking away. 

I heard Harry call me from behind, I ignored it and walked away. 

I heard the front door open and then there was silence. 

Why was she such a bitch?

I don't like Harry, if anything he's like an enemy to me. 

I heard running up the stairs and then a knock at my door. 

"It's Harry." He said. 

"Leave me alone, your stupid girlfriend ruined my day." I said laying on my face. 

He opened the door. "She's not my girlfriend." He said sitting on the bed. 

"What, she's your fiancé now?" I asked sitting up. 

"No, I broke it off. She was claiming me. She was my girlfriend and all but I don like when girls claim me." He Said. 

"Oh." I replied. 

"So, did you enjoy that kiss?" He asked looking down. 

"Uhh maybe, what about you?" I asked looking into his green orbs. 

"Maybe. Listen, I'm sorry for being a jerk, and being rude to you." He said. 

"It's okay." 

"If there's anything i can do to say sorry, I will do it." He said looking up at me. 

"Kiss me." I whispered. 

"Okay." He whispered back. 

He put his hand on my cheek and pressed his lips to mine. 

Maybe I did like him. Maybe he did like me. 

He licked my lower lip asking for an entrance. 

I let him in and we explored each others mouths. 

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me on top of him, not breaking the kiss. 

We kissed for a while then I broke the kiss. Catching me breath I laid down next to him. 

"Lauren?" He asked. 


"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. 

I looked over to him. 

"Yes!" I smiled and jumped on top of him. 

He was now mine. And I was now his. Forever and always. 

A/n: sorry for such a short chapter. I had writers block and I didn't know what to say. Anywho it's not a very good chapter but it's alright. Thank you for reading anyways. Love ya all! ~McKenzie
Ps. Please go check out my other story stalker, I need more feedback! :)

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