Gemmas best friend

I'm Lauren Sosa. I have been friends with Gemma styles since forever. He brother has always been there to. I stay with Gemma all the time, hey she is my best friend. I have to stay at her house for a mounth while I wait for my apartment to be exterminated and rebuilt. I would have enjoyed my stay if harry wasn't such a pervert. Help me!


1. At her house

Lauren's pov: I was staying at Gemmas house this weekend. I was her best friend and the only one who didn't freak out about her brother and his band. Yes, I was a fan of one direction but not like insane. And besides I didn't like her brother. At all. We pulled up to her house, and I got out and grabbed my stuff from the trunk.  I graduated high school 2 years ago and I stay with Gemma all the time. Her brother graduated 3 years ago and I basically known him and her forever. I lived on my own now. My mother
Was killed by some freak and my dad kicked me out of the house. Wow and to think I was his princess. I walked behind her in her huge house, we walked to her room and I put my stuff down. "So what do you want to do now?" She asked me. "Um. I don't know, you choose." I said. "She walked over to her laptop and put on music and started dancing. I joined in. We grinned a little bit when harry walked in with his crew. I rolled my eyes and Gemma turned off the music. "Why hello Sosa." Harry snapped, calling me by my last name. "Yo twerp!" I barked. "You can't call me twerp cuz I'm older than you." He stated. "Hmmm, that's funny I thought my mom was dead." I snapped. Referring to him acting like my mother. He rolled his eyes. "What do you want?" Gemma asked harry. "Just wondering what you were doing, that's all." Harry said. I swear that boy is so annoying. "We'll, nothing now get out!" She protested. "Doesn't look like nothing, I do believe grinding with your best friend is something." He stated. We both rolled our eyes and the boys started snickering. "What!?" Gemma barked. "Nothing, it's just harry told us something about Lauren earlier." Louis said. "Oh yeah what did that twat say?"  I said looking harry up and down. "He said ons time you were drunk and he found you in the bathtub with some random dude." Liam said. OMG that was one time and I was drunk. "It was one time and it was my 18th birthday!" I barked. Everyone started laughing. I rolled my eyes. "Get the hell out of my room!" Gemma yelled at them. They all left quickly all except harry. He came over to me and said "I figured since your staying 1 month over here, I would make your stay quite intresting." I shivered. But then again he always said stuff to me like that. So I really don't care.

A/N: Hey guys! If you didn't enjoy this one that much, try reading one of my others. Please tell me what you think about this story! Thx! love you guys!
              ~McKenzie~ xx

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