Gemmas best friend

I'm Lauren Sosa. I have been friends with Gemma styles since forever. He brother has always been there to. I stay with Gemma all the time, hey she is my best friend. I have to stay at her house for a mounth while I wait for my apartment to be exterminated and rebuilt. I would have enjoyed my stay if harry wasn't such a pervert. Help me!


5. 50 bags and 4 new best friends

Lauren's Pov:

I felt the hot sensation of the water hit my cold back.

I scrubbed my hair and washed my body. 

I got the towel off the wall stand and wrapped it around my naked body. 

I took a quick glance the mirror and grabbed my toothbrush, I scrubbed my teeth to be white and put my toothbrush up in the cabinet.

I walked outside to find a cold hallway, quiet and empty. I sped over to Gemma's bedroom and opened the door to find her and Justin making out on her bed. They didn't seem to notice me.

I cleared my throat and they both looked at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, umm ill, umm go downstairs!" Justin said, kinda loud and ran out of the room.

I went over to my drawer and grabbed a pair of blue thongs. I pulled out a blue striped bra with lace at the top to match the underwear.

I dropped my towel and pulled on my undergarments.

Gemma turned the other way, trying not to look at me naked.

"I have your clothes on the bed." She said pointing her finger beside her.

I walked over to it and found a pair of white miss me jeans and a black sparkly top. Very casual.

I quickly threw it on and went over to her sit in dresser. 

I applied very light makeup and curled my hair.

I walked over to her closet and found some black stilettos and pulled them on.

I took one glance in the mirror and turned around to Gemma. 

"We'll how do I look?" I asked her.

She looked up from her MacBook and looked me up and down. 

"Damn girl you get ready fast!" She said.

"Okay, now what do you think about my outfit?" I asked impatiently.

"Oh yeah, wonderful!" She said smirking, like her brother.

"LAUREN! THE GIRLS ARE HERE!" I heard Zayn yell from downstairs. 

I smiled at Gemma and ran into Justin on the way out of her door.

I stepped into the living room was and found a girl with dark brown hair that came to her waist and nice blue eyes, next to Niall; a girl with black hair and brown eyes,next to Louis; a girl with brown curly hair and I really couldn't tell her eye colour, next to Zayn; a girl with blue eyes and brown wavy hair, next to Liam; and a girl next to Harry that had light brown hair with green eyes.

They were all really gorgeous, especially compared to me.

I smiled and waved. "Hi, I'm Lauren!" I said.

"Umm this is, Jordan, Louis girlfriend." Liam pointed to the girl next Louis. She waved excitingly.

"This is trinity, Niall girlfriend." He nodded toward the girl next to Niall. 

"This right here is rise, Zayn's little princess." He smirked pointing to the girl next to Zayn. She snickered and kissed him on the cheek.

"This is Kristen, my baby girl." He said kissing the girl next to him.

"You forgot to introduce Lyndsey." Harry stated rubbing his hand up and down Lyndsey's thigh. 

"Oh yeah this is Lyndsey, Harry's girlfriend." 

That sentence hit me like a water ballon, and I don't know why. 

Did I like him? No, no I couldn't like Harry, as in the Harry styles, because you know he was Harry.

He could tell I was a little knocked out of the water because he was smirking like an idiot.

"Alright, babes. Have fun!" Niall said kissed his girlfriend, same for the others.

I stood there all alone, like I was a kid who couldn't leave there place.

We walked out to the van and jumped in. Jordan sat on one side of me and Lyndsey  sat on the other. Rise was driving and Kristen was in the passenger seat and trinity  was left sitting in the back by herself, you could tell she was shy, but most likely she wouldn't be later on once you get to know her.

I was talking to Jordan the whole way to the mall, yep she was perfect for Louis, they acted just alike. 

Lyndsey just kept looking at me like a was a troll, I decided to say something(sorry Lyndsey, I have to have a enemy). 

"Umm, do you have a problem with me?" I asked her raising my eyebrows.

"Yeah actually I do, the fact that your the bitch who Harry was talking to me about." She snapped. Wow she was a feisty one.

"We'll, what did he say to about this so called "bitch"." I said sarcastically. 

"He said that you had this major crush on him and that you just won't admit it. But if its true back off bitch!" She rolled her eyes after calling me a bitch, AGAIN!

I just shook my head no and continued talking to Jordan. I tried to get a few words out of trinity and then she finally starting to talk, way to much.

We arrived at  Cato's   and I got out with girls behind me.

I walked inside and walked over to a rack with neon outfits all on it. I started my shopping spree and got my game on.


We ended up going to belk, Hollister, kohl's, New York and company, dillards and many other stores.

I ended up with like almost 50 bags of clothes and 4 new best friends. I would say five but the way Lyndsey treated me, I don't think there will be a friendship in this posy. 



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