My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


14. You Are Worthless & Lost Child

“You, you, you’re a royal bitch!” The helpless mother who lost her child screamed.

The helpless mother did not see me as a peasant; she knew I was part of the royal; I guess it runs in the blood, I guess peasants and poor people can sense royalty around them. Before I could explain myself, the other peasants who weren’t locked up or bounded; they attacked me. The male peasants with ripped up clothes threw heavy rocks at me, the pain was almost unbearable.

“S-stop please...” I tried to speak; yet the rocks soon made me lose consciousness.

After who knows how long; I awoke from my coma. Before speaking, I was interrupted by a peasant who had freedom to roam the area. “You are part of the royalty, you are sick” the peasant screamed down my ears, soon throwing more objects me. Whilst the helpless mother was still chained next to me; I tried to explain though. “N-no...” I was interrupted again, “shut up, you’re a sick royal one” the peasant screamed again throwing his leather show at my head.

When I finally opened my eyes completely, I noticed that I was lying in a puddle of strange substances; some were obvious substances though. Although I was soon informed what I was sitting in; I hated the fact too. “You are sick, sick as anything; vile to our lands” the peasant shouted. I never spoke since I was afraid of these peasants. “You shall sleep in this, puddle of junk, it shall seal your royalty from shining on any of us” the peasant spoke; seemed very noble to the other peasants.

Sitting in unknown liquids and substances was truly vile. It was a sick way of dealing with us; yet to me, I felt I deserved everything that meant paint and suffering. Before talking, the peasants dunked my head in the liquid. It was as if they were trying to drown me; I hated every second of the vile dunking. It was horrific; I was being violently swung into the wall, thrown into the unknown liquids.

“You shall drown in your sorrows, you shall seek those nightmares to come” the peasant spoke holding his fellow peasants hands. They circled around me; beating me into the wall.

“O-okay, okay... I get it, you want me to die; just do it then”, I assured them that my death is something I wish for.

“You speak like one of us, yet you are a royal one... I don’t think you shall be anything more than us” the peasant spoke, mumbling to my left ear. Not long before throwing me into the unknown liquids again. It wasn’t long before I was choking from all these violent beating they were delivering.

The pain was too much; I could barely move an inch. Whatever was in those liquids; it had been sticky, forming some kind of green foam around me lips. Where the necklace had left a cut in my neck, the liquids were poisoning my blood. It felt as if my blood was now burning from everything I had done. Yet it was just the simple fact they dunked me in a puddle of some sort.

“I-I-I *coughs* can’t take any more of this...” I gasped for air; mumbling silently.

“Shut up, you’re a sick royalty, betraying us” the peasant who lead the others we too full of hope and dreams, he must of had a horrible experience with my family.

My pleading for help was no longer working; it hadn’t been from the start. The peasants were actually part of a village that father had burnt down. I was soon informed this thanks to a peasant who weren’t so strict, yet the leader returned to speak to me once more...

“You are a Princess, we smell it on you. Us as the villagers we are; we shall not let you claim our lands” the leader spoke down to me, slapping my face into the wall.

“N-no, I know I am a Princess... I am not anymore, I killed the man who destroyed your village”, I spoke with truth to the leader, either way he kills me or believes me.

“If this is true, then our god shall greet us with the holy powers of almighty. He shall greet you as a saviour of our lands; if this is true, that would make you our goddess”, the leader prayed in front of me, holding my hand to the dim light.

I tried to explain myself further, I did not want any more special treatment, and I wanted to be equal. The leader however, he was more stuck up on me being their goddess. The other villagers laughed from hearing that I would be their goddess. What nerved me further was the fact that they put me to the test. They held me to the wall; chaining me above a pit of darkness.

“N-n-no, you can’t just let me hang here, I could die...” I pleaded to be killed, the problem was; I did not want to die still being called someone. I wanted to be killed and forgotten not remembered.

“You shall be praised if you live, you shall be forgiven if you die, you shall be worshipped if you fall”, the leader spoke; holding my left foot to the wall.

The other villagers watched me dangling above a pit, the chains were causing my blood pressure to go crazy, as for my heart beat; it had beaten a lot faster than normal. My bruises on my body were being pressed against the wall. The cut around my neck, it was soon going to be chained. I overheard the leader talking about more chains; I dreaded to know what was in the pit below me.

“Help, please, let me go!” The helpless woman screamed again, her screaming is how I felt. Yet I still wanted to die and be forgotten.

I focussed on what was in-front of me, a poor woman pleading for help. The villagers didn’t like her, it was clear to me. Yet they had ponchos around her keeping her warm, it made me question why she isn’t free to walk around. It wasn’t long before I found out why she is hanging there; it was such a horrible revealing reason for why she is there. The thought of looking at her now made me sick.

“O-okay, listen, let that woman go, let her go now; I will then stay here chained”, I tried to negotiate with the villagers; instead I was made even sicker with the leader talking to me.

“Her, that woman, n-no she is there for our saviour, she is a sacrifice from our village; she is also the one who brings life to our lands. Every month that goes by, she gives us life; we feel reborn along with an extra man or woman on our side”, the leader said; holding me closer to his face.

The woman was clearly in pain, I could see how stressed she had become since I got here. Her face looked as if she had cried more than once. Even her clothes looked very drenched, as if a river of tears were cried. It made sense on how the villagers are surviving down here; the poor woman is getting nothing but sweat to drink; yet these villagers feast on her tears.

It was very emotional to discover the woman’s health that had escalated into her body being nothing but bones. Sure she had life and skin, yet the bones were more revealing than her face. The leader soon returned back to me after talking to his tribe or villagers...

Behind the leader was the woman, I could see that they were freeing her. I smiled again; it felt good to see that this woman is finally being freed. The leader approached me; looking at me as if I were a goddess. He soon pulled me towards him again, speaking to me once more. I just wanted that woman to be safe, now she is; she is going to be free, she can finally become healthy.

“You are already learning too much from us, you as our goddess shall disappoint our god, we are not sure whether you are the one after-all”, the news was dreadful; the leader said.

“I-I-I, haven’t learnt much... I only know what you have told me”, I whispered, as the leader’s breath went down my neck.

“N-no, you have learnt how we continue our family, you are not in the right shoes to know this”, the leader said; stomping on my infected toes.

The state and surrounding of this place was enough to make anyone sick; it was also beginning to cause infections and irritation all over my body. Before I agreed to just fall, I wanted to know whether or not that woman is now free. Off-course to me, it looked that way. Yet I wanted to be certain; just to say that I did a good deed in my life.

“I shall fall then, I shall go into the darkness to prove my worthiness, yet I have one command”, I whispered; whilst trying to scratch my irritated back.

“What is this command you speak of then... huh Princess?” The leader puffed; whilst letting go of me, I soon landed back into the wall with pressure.

“That woman, that poor woman; she is given freedom for my sacrifice”, I negotiated, trying to save the woman’s life.

“She is not free, she has been taken away for the beginning of a new era; our family will now grow further, well maybe not now, yet soon; she will of given us what we need to survive”, the leader said; stomping on the ground.

“W-wait, what do you mean she isn’t free. I want her freedom and then I shall fall”, I asked; still keeping up my negotiation skills.

“You are messing with our lands once too often Princess, we shall see then...” the leader grunted.

The sounds of the woman screaming returned; I could hear her screaming in another room. I had to follow the Leader’s commands, he after-all has me in his power. It was too late to go back, I agreed with him to fall; still not sure whether he is going to keep his promise. Although, he had not agreed what-so-ever, I however, decided that falling is the only way to make him see reason.

“Fine, I am going to fall then, I am going to fall for the sakes of my own spirit and will”, I whispered; as the leader nodded. The villagers soon unchained me, allowing me to drop into the pit below me.

I was now falling, falling into darkness; I could not see anything. All I could hear is a woman screaming... a woman who deserved better for what she had. She is being used wrongly; she is being abused in many ways. Until it was time to say good-bye. I finally hit the ground. It was still pretty dark down here, I reached the bottom; landing on a lot of soft objects.

Sadly I could not see what I had landed on, although I dreaded to find out; I did however manage to break my leg from falling. I guess soft landings don’t always save you perfectly. It was unlucky, yet I felt that this place is closed in; not much room to walk around in. The lighting in the area was pretty dim; I could see a doorway; so I guess it was best to go towards the light.

The room looked old and dusty; most of the furniture looked broken down. There were a few lit candles resting on a dusty old table. The walls had carvings of lines and drawings. I tried to understand what this place was. Until I found a scroll; it was pretty dusty so I blew on it with the remainder of my strength. I limped over to a chair covered in cobwebs. The dust kept falling from the ceiling, every second my eyes got more blurry; struggling to see what in-front of me was.

“W-w-well, look who it is, it’s Princess...” a voice whispered; didn’t seem to be surprised I had landed here.

“Y-y-yes, it’s me... I’m the Princess of this castle; so let me go please”, I pleaded to be told how I can leave this place.

“It’s not that simple Princess, you landed here; this place is no ancient; you shouldn’t even be here”, the voice said; grasping onto my left arm. Sadly, I could not see anything.

“L-let goes please, I can barely see what’s going on down here”, I whispered; gasping for air.

“N-no, it’s not that simple... you fall down here, then you want to leave... oh Princess, isn’t that a shock. Those villagers just don’t know how to deal with trash like you...” the voice whispered; I could sense someone in the room. Just couldn’t see who the heck it is.

“I made a deal up there, it was a deal to seal a woman’s forgiveness”, I whispered; still could not see, this just got scarier as time went on.

“That deal has become more of a sacrifice Princess, all royalty need to be fallen eventually; I mean, a throne can’t be supporting you forever now can it?” The voice whispered; violently tugging my hair.

“Ouch... okay-okay, just kill me, I have got a broken leg, I wanted to die anyway, so kill me”, I whispered; finally pleading to the unknown voice on my be-half that I want to die.

“Interesting, nobody else who I had feasted on given in so easy, that’s what made this more fun. I just wanted everyone to forget who I was...” the voice whispered; finally breaking into a female voice.

“I’m sorry, you can’t do that... because I tried and tried, trying my best to gain that respect”, I whispered; turning into a beggar for my life’s dependence.

“Well... you’re not alone then, because I tried too, I never feasted on them in that way though”, the female voice whispered; placing a very squishy object in one of my hands.

“Okay... I see what you mean, you feast on people; you’re like a monster down here!” I screamed at the female voice; until she shown herself thanks to a brighter light she made.

“Look at me now; look at me... this darkness is a shield to stop my beauty... I don’t want to be seen!” The female figure said, as the light shined on her. I saw a hideous face covered in everything...

“These creatures have adapted to my beauty, they have made a home with me; we are together forever”, the female figure said; as the lights dimmed back to darkness.

“Why are you down here, why haven’t you just died?” I whispered; asking the question I wish I asked myself up there.

“B-because, this place feels like my tomb, it feels like I’ve been buried... after all these years I am finally forgotten, why? Well it was all part of my plan” the female whispered breaking into a psychopathic trait.

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to gather as much information from her as possible.

“I needed a replacement for my position, Mother made me sick after all the talk on how much she loved me dearly, off-course it was obvious I wanted to escape. Even the guardians threw me away; while down in a tortured zone, I had power to command pointless peasants, they were just the growing spurt to my plan”.

“I don’t understand...” I mumbled...

“You, you are one who shall take a throne, not a royal throne; the throne that I like to call despair. This place is no royal castle, this place of darkness; it keeps everything away from you. Even the screams from the surface; it keeps me well balanced to hatred and love”.

The female figure was going crazy; she had been down here for who knows how long...

“You are taking the throne of despair for me, I can then rule over the lands once more; you are a saviour after-all. Down here, you will be forgotten, no longer remembered. Though, your make a few friends; I sure did, it was a great little party down here”,

“In-fact you are just my secondary replacement to the end of a new beginning, the villager’s era; it sounded to demonic, I had to get my hands on it. You know, that woman after-all she is not just a villager, ha-ha, she is sick and twisted”

I could not stand this female human talking about a woman I cared about since the surface. I wanted her to be safe not used or abused... I threw my punch in a random direction; hoping it would collide with the female figure. Yet the darkness made it impossible to hit her. She was shielded by darkness; I just wanted to be free now... still wanted to die however...

“Feisty, you try to take down me, since the truth shall be told; I shall reveal your nightmare. After-all those villagers have already granted me a new era, so I owe you for the sacrifice. Now I want you just sit there and think about death, and then I want you to remember darkness. Before you take the throne; your leg, it will need to be digested in-order for you to prove yourself worthy”.

“Do as you wish, I give up... that woman however, I came down here so she can be safe”, I whispered; giving one last command again.

“So she will, she shall be safe for eternity; those villagers protect her anyway, she is our brood mother; well their brood mother ha-ha... the reborn of them shall continue for decades to come, as for you; I would like you to just hand down your clothes and become scum”, she whispered.

// To Be Continued \\

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