My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


13. With Awe and Awe...

“Princess, princess, Wake up your heinous” a guard whispered; shaking me from left to right.

“Okay, okay – I’m awake, what is it you wanted?” I asked; coughing up a fluent liquid.

“Oh dear... Princess, how long have you been out?” A guard asked; gasping for no apparent reason.

“What do you... w-wait, what?” I gasped back; receiving some painful news.

“While you were out... Princess, your father had fallen too – do you not remember falling?” Another guard asked; as he approached me with reassurance.

“Yes, I sort of remember... w-wait, oh no, Father!” I spoke rubbing my head in a circular motion; before gasping on what I had done.

“Yes, it’s a tragedy princess; your father was murdered... in a very brutal way; you majesty”, the guard looked down at me; shedding a tear or two whilst looking at me heartbroken.

The pain from the fall, I felt it a little; yet if only it had felt worse. To me it was a minor bruise; the real pain I have caused to myself and this kingdom... it’s the guilt; the guilt of murdering a poor man who meant the world to me... I never thought I would be a murderer – I let this go too far from the beginning, slaying my own protectors just to prove who I am... who am I kidding...

The guard helped me on my feet, my blue enchanted shoes shined through a glimpse of light. Not only had the guard been crying; I felt the need to cry a river to save this man, he is my father after-all – he weren’t sick... he was just misunderstood for my lousy brain... the murderer – I am the one who sent a killer – trusted a killer, presented a killer with an essence of murder and failure combined...

“Princess, I don’t want you to see your father this way; it’s not right... the King had honour, I’m sorry for ever letting this happen Princess, daughter of mine”, mother the Queen whispered; gently patting my back with a sob on her face.

“N-no mother, Queen; my mother... I did this, I’m sorry but it’s true... I did this!” I started mumbling; yet my guilt got the better of me, presenting to the kingdom; informing them who I really am...

“Princess, I don’t believe you... you would never harm your own people; we are the royal family, a family who do not slaughter others... unless they have broke our commands...” mother, Queen whispered; whilst I ran to my room.

The guards were puzzled with the truth I had told, they could lock me away, throw away the key. It’s what I deserve and it’s who I shall be... a locked up princess in distress for another tale to be told; so father can be put to rest... I shall not deceive this opportunity; it is something I truly deserve. Even if mother can’t even find the nerve... kill me now! – I don’t want to be alive any more... Mother!


Full of guilt, revenge, blood thirsty for justice. I just wanted to father to be revived; so I can retrieve my blood stone. So I can become a peasant to this world; I feel poor, not rich, I feel as if my guilt has drained everything on which I am. Father would never expect me to be behind this mess; the fact he would never find out pleaded me to be slaughtered. So what If I’m royal, I want to be dead, it’s my own choice; my own option, my own peace offering.

“Princess, your majesty”, voices called out; calling me by a title truly not earned by me.

“Go away, go away now, and leave me be, leave me to be locked up again... I shall decide whether I want freedom; I shall be the one to decide what I want!” I screamed, trying to keep my own family and guardians away from me.

Obviously Queen, my own mother would not let me live this down. If she truly loved me; she would do as I wish, if she truly wanted what’s best for me, she would follow my instructions. The plan of my own death had finally begun; sure it’s one way to kill off someone. However, this death is not to be worshipped; this death is not to be holy. My own death is forsaken and damned for this world.

“Sorry Princess, Daughter I want you to come here now!” Mother screamed from the top of her voice; echoing my locked up room.

Dead silence was now in my room; yet in my mind, I could still hear mother screaming my name. Instead of fighting what I have committed; I decided to finally be truthful, since mother couldn’t believe me the first time I said it. Whilst mother the Queen waited with mine and her guardians, I decided to unlock my room; whilst whispering to my mother.

“M-mother, I want you only, I want you to come in my room; I have a truth to be told...” I whispered nervously, as the guardians tried to kick down the door.

“Silence, stop it; I shall decide whether or not you take my daughter!” Mother the Queen screamed again; this time it was a command, shielding me away from justice.

The guardian’s voices went from loud to complete silence, mother had made her command; the guardians obeyed, they listened to her, waiting patiently for their next instructions. The pressure was finally building up; one word from mother and I can be murdered. One word, then I am dead, it’s so simple. So simple, I could just shout out the truth for the whole kingdom to hear!

“Princess, I know this is difficult, your father falling from his throne; yet we need to show our respect to him, he was a man of many tales to be told” mother the Queen whispered; holding onto my left hand nervously.

The nervous feelings I felt, after taking a great look at mother the Queen. I realized that she truly doesn’t care about me. If she did, she would allow me to speak; she would have allowed me to express how I feel, instead she spoke to me as if I’m just another one of her guardians or some kind of family treasure. I hated how she treated me; I don’t want to be loved or given special treatment!

“S-sorry Mother, you don’t understand... if you did, you would allow me to talk” I whispered – I felt that this conversation was going to hit the sky.

“I-I know that this is difficult... P-princess, you need to be more full of life, not so less; just be full of everything our tales we told together. I want you to be perfect”, Mother spoke to me, and her words hurt me even more. It felt as if a spear had gone through me.

“N-n-no, sorry mother... I’m done; leave me here right now, throw away the key. Those tales can wait, those stories to be told can die, I want no remembrance for who I am”, I spoke to her, shouting at her as if she was a slave. Finally expressing how I feel after all these years of being in her command, all the years of being locked away in a stupid tower!

The guardians heard my loud outbreak; they heard every word of my conversation with mother the Queen. She wasn’t finished with her speech; she looked at me in disgust, as if she had seen a ghost. She then violently ripped my necklace off my damp neck. It was painful, yet it felt good to feel pain... it felt good to get all of this off my back, although it was not over... it had only just begun...

“Y-you ungrateful little smug, I want you away from my kingdom, away I say, away from this place of enchanted beauty” Mother screamed from the top of her voice once more; giving out a second command. The final command I heard from her; the final words I heard from her too...

The guardians finally listened to Mother’s final command; she looked at me in horror, as if I was a culprit. Which was true, at-least she made me smile; not just an evil smile of feeling almighty. This was a smile I pleaded to show to my family ever since the beginning of my life time in this forsaken kingdom. I was soon grasped by the guardians violently dragged on my heels across the kingdoms floors I had once trodden on with the murderer inside of me.

“You’re sick, you’re twisted; get her away from me guards, Nurse, nurse!” Mother screamed; her voice still echoed through the hallways, even when I was being dragged away. I still smiled; happy more than ever that I finally am getting what I deserved, what I deserved all along. Mother’s nervous breakdown, well it seems to have started...

Before I was kicked out of the kingdom, the guards knew that I was no longer a royal one. I was now just like any other person; just a peasant... a poor helpless peasant being thrown away as trash. The guards left me with two even stronger armoured guardians, not long before throwing me into a dump of remains and other poor peasants locked away.

The pressure from the buffed guards was strong enough to throw me into the air. I soon landed face first into muck and mouldy substances, full of junk and remains of people. Thankfully there was some life down here, just the faces you wish to never see. Some of the people down here were being consumed by alligators that had gotten through some of the rotting away walls. The distraught on their sad little faces; it made me feel worse...

“Help, please don’t let this happen; that’s my child!” A poor old mother screamed; rattling her chains whilst pleading for help.

That Mother is the kind of mother I wish for mostly, a Mother who truly loves her child. A Mother who cannot wait for her daughter to come down the stairs someone who loves you, a protector of you, and my mother however; she had to be someone I hated. I watched the poor child be dragged away violently across the shore. The remains of bones made this place look more dark and twisted.

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