My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


8. The Next Day To Check On An Unknown Skeleton

Today was day to remember; a day I like to call name day!

Tomorrow had arrived; I got a lovely sleep, it was easy to rest my head knowing a butler is not going awake me. The warmth from my royal pillow kept me so relaxed; I just couldn't wait to check on that butler down in the dungeon. Oh wait... I can! Ha-ha-ha-ha, I hoped for the worst too, surely he has been forgiven by those ever so hungry rats. Either way one bite would kill him in several days.

This time I allowed more time to pass; before checking on an unknown skeleton. After three to four hours had passed; I decided to release the butler; well whatever is left of him that is. Instead of running down the stairs; I picked up my sharp blade; slowly heading down the stairs, while descending into the dungeon. Luckily I had my dungeon key with me; seems that the guardians were still elsewhere. Well all except one, there was one guardian standing near the entrance.

“Halt, who goes there? By the name of the king; I shall not let ye pass!” The guardian ordered.

“Me, Princess of the king; the royal family, allow me to pass; so I can check on the prisoners” I replied; while smiling like a happy bee.

“Oh; sorry Princess, I never expected you to be down here so soon; of course you can pass” the guardian lowered his halberd allowing me to pass.

Finally; I was near the dungeons main gate; it was time to find out what I had been craving for all night. Slowly turning the dungeon key in the keyhole; I managed to open the gates. Not long before stepping inside; to check on a sad old corpse. As I approached the prisoners; I giggled at most of them crying for help. As for the butler; I was shocked to see him still alive.

“P-p-princess, I did what you ordered; I-I s-survived for the sake of a saint; I did what you wanted”, he whispered while spitting blood on the ground.

Hanging outside of the butler’s mouth was torn up fur with blood dripping down his chin. His chains were still around him though; keeping him from escaping. He looked severely damaged; the sight of his injuries made me drool. I was so proud that he had suffered pain and agony.

“Y-you ate most of the rats to survive? Impressive; I like how you dealt with such deadly creatures. For my sake; I hope you swallowed all of them, if you didn’t I shall feed them to you peasant. Remember, redeeming yourself to me? Well how about you prove it by eating these rodents” I whispered while revealing a blade in my pocket.

As soon as he had seen the blade’s handle in my pocket. He feared me; slowly licking his lips; cleaning his mouth of his own blood mixed with rat’s blood. Some of the tail was hanging off his drooled chin; so I flicked it into his mouth. Most of the rodents were dead; it seemed that they had scratched him; yet no bites... I guess he got the last bite after-all. I sighed deeply...

“Y-yes Princess; I shall eat the remains; please don’t hurt me though” he whispered while shaking; slowly licking all around his mouth; cleaning all the dried up blood. I held a squashed rat in front of him; teasing him to eat it.

“Eat this; redeem who you are; I want to see all of this swallowed!” I shouted while stuffing it in his face. He opened his mouth slowly; while shaking, until he had taken a large chunk of the rat.

Most of the chunks were massive; yet the last one was tiny. I slapped him for ignoring the final chunk; I can see why he would resist this part. It was after-all the head; so I’m sure he would hate to eat squashed rats eyes. Yet to me; I wanted him to redeem himself; lower himself to a lower rank.

“O-okay, it tastes horrible but I did it; now can I be released princess, please?” He begged; while gulping one final chunk down his mouth.

“Yeah, a deal’s a deal; follow me slave; follow me now!” I spoke with a low voice; then shouting loudly towards the end of my words.

I released him from the chains; his clothes were covered in blood. Some of his toes were bleeding; most of his toe nails looked chewed off. I guess the rats did chew something off him after-all. As I held him by his bruised left arm; I dragged him into the torture room. Thinking that he had been forgiven made me giggle a lot. Until he had seen what room we were now in.

“P-princess; why are we here? I thought I was your slave; let’s go back into the castle please” he pleaded while sweating from fear.

I ignored him; pushing him against the bloody wall. He was now in position; this torture is a little dangerous. The worst it could do is pierce through his skin; yet I wanted him as a claim. Not just to be known as a slave; I wanted him marked with my initials.

“You are going to be my slave; before I can let you be released back into the castle though; I want you to feel this. Not only is the word slave good enough; I want my name marked on you slave. To prove I own you; you will no longer decide where you want to go. You’re deciding on what I decide for you; now feel this!” I screamed while cracking out with an evil laugh.

Before he could move; I activated the piercer; it was named after my father’s father. He named it due to what it did; only that he used it for something else. He used it on his wives; he was a sick man. Not only did he use it on his wives; he used it on himself. He enjoyed blood loss; only I am not like him, I am far more reasonable than that pathetic man.

The piercer was activated; slowly being pulled by strings. It begun to gain speed; while acting like a spear, it went straight into the butlers bruised back. He screamed in pain; as even I actually felt sorry; I could not stand watching blood be spilled from someone. It’s due to past memories; I hated watching machines doing horrible things to people. Father taught me that as a child...

“P-princess, Arghhhhhh” He screamed in agony; the piercer was finished in seconds; the speed it went at, well it was enough to make you bleed. Yet it got the job done rather fast. I was so proud with the outcome; my initials were now formed in blood around his back. They always said that blood was the stainable ink. The blood was an ink that could never be washed off.


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