My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


11. The Man Once In The Shadows

The man who had once hidden in the shadows; redeems himself, while I lay back pleading for guilt

“Ma lady, the feast is not over yet; this castle has a room, just an empty room that you are not aware of. I could take you there; yet it would cost you a family sacrifice to my brother”

“If-if I could accept that offer... wait! I can accept your offer, I can deliver you the king’s head” I mumbled; keeping him out my conversation.

“Oh really... I heard some of that Princess; your father’s head? All for my brother, correct Princess?” He mumbled; yet his eyes seemed to more demonic every moment I stood there watching him.

“Y-yes, my father... the King of this castle shall fall, leaving you... I mean your b-brother with a feast he shall never forget” I stumbled along my words; trying to keep no hesitation in my mind.

Shall be it, yet I wanted power more than some peasant feasting on my loyal father. Either way; if I do not get what I crave for; he shall be the one speared into a wall. His skull shall be my glass; the glasses which will fill my digestion of hatred over this bloody castle...

“G-good to see we are finally making progress; yet I shall not be the one to fall in your arms. Not so easily at-least; I feel a strong connection of hatred from you and me. Maybe it’s just the way you look at me; yet I see demons in your eyes Princess” he spoke in laughter; I never found what was so funny...

The choice had been made; yet I never fed him the details of what may happen to him and this castle if he betrays me. I looked at him, I lifted the golden key; allowing him freedom; the key to success had finally begun. Now rise my minion; become my salvation of hunger; this peasant is going to become my knight in shining armour; he shall become so much more!

“Well according to my knowledge in the peasant years; this castle’s secret room was just a room to store the captives. Your father, the King of this castle; may have made a mistake on putting some of us up there. I mean sure; it’s locked, yet what if it was released? Think of the possibilities Princess”.

His devious mind seemed to sink me further into his plans. Yet my plans shall cross his; causing the war that this castle has needed since the Stone Age. Father’s feast shall be feasted on; while I sit back enjoying the moments of watching him suffers. As for the Queen, my mother; she shall be locked up in the prison. Either way; I want that power, even if Father won’t deliver it to my hands. I shall force it out of him; feeding me and the entire kingdom sadness.

“G-good, I can already see a plan evolving from dust. Yet a thank-you from me shall not be needed; since you are going to free those warriors; I m-mean, the peasants of the past shall become the peasants of now!” I screamed; bossing the man around.

We walked up the stairs, ascending the prison area; leaving behind chained souls. The weapon still in my quiver, I smiled; things were finally planning out the way I wanted. Funny enough, this man was not in my plan to begin with. Yet making room for him would be such an easy exception. The two guards have stopped us; as we had reached the first floor of the castle.

“H-hold it, by the King’s orders we follow them with grace, as an order we ask you to reveal yourselves; showing us why you would like to pass through into the castle, from the darkness you had escaped from” a guard bellowed.

Another choice was now in my mind; along with a demonic voice telling me to take care of the guards. As I could of just said I am the Princess; it would be to risky to my personality. My own appearance would be at stake; sadly my choice was not made. The man who had tagged along with me; decided for me...

“Never-mind who we are; remember us as we shall... be your bloody nightmare” he whispered; as he hid his face behind my clothing.

My so called apprentice had made the decision. He did so quickly; I had no time to decide; whether to react so viciously. Yet his mind seemed to slowly become a little more demonic; as time went by. He pulled out the weapon from my quiver; holding it with all his strength; wielding it, finally doing a full blow straight into the guards ribs. The other never got so lucky; it was a lunge to the heart.

“N-no... you can’t... do...” the guard gasped for air; as he fell down the dungeon stairs. Falling into the darkness...

“Ma Lady, death has begun; your thrown shall await you sooner than you expected” the man whispered with a holy voice to my ears.

“My throne, what do you mean sooner? I wanted to do this my way!” I screamed; as my voice had lost its tone half way.

He nudged me in the rib with his elbow; he snapped me out of what ever had been annoying me. Sooners than I expected is not what I were hoping for. It seems this peasant has a plan of his own; yet his plan seems more efficient than mine...

“You’ll see soon enough ma lady, as your father will see much sooner. As promised ma lady; you shall become the ruler of this kingdom. However, I have my own plans too; since you freed me, I can finally put them into action” he mumbled with grace.

Finally, the feast had begun; after the long wait near the throne room. The death of my father shall begin; no longer being prevented from becoming a ruler. The man who hides in the shadows is with me; I had a strong hope that my-his plan would work...

“A-attention, thanks for all coming from your own thrones; from your own kingdoms, from your own rooms. The King’s feast shall begin; I ask you, if you have any favours from the King please speak them at once. Before we begin such a loyal night, speak, speak now!” The second man in command; spoke for my father’s feast, introducing everyone to the meal of a life-time.

The meal had begun; no-one had spoken, just as he may have planned; we were hidden behind the thrones. Watching from a distance; I plan was to slaughter him when he asks everyone to leave. However; the man behind me, had disappeared. He had just left me here, watching over my father...

As more time went on; three hours into the Royal feast; I could see a shadow from above. The shadow had a weapon; some kind of bow, yet it had a very narrow quiver. Until I realised the man had disappeared to equip not just his weapons; it seems that this guy was actually someone after-all...

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