My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


4. The Change Of Personality

Later that night; blood was about to be shed; I smirked all the way through.

“Sorry, it’s an order that we can’t break Mr Butler; it shall be done”, the guard spoken. I heard swords scraping across the walls. Seems that it was about time; the time I had been expecting. “No, wait you can’t do this to me! The king wanted me!” I heard his screams; it was satisfying to my ears. Yet I never heard a sword slash, or even the sound of blood colliding with the floors and walls.

As I opened the door with anger; I checked to see what had happened. To my surprise I had seen them talking, instead of fighting! “Hey! Why are you in the hallway still peasant?” I shouted, while stomping on the ground. “Madam, these guards; they tried to kill me!” The butler shouted; yet as I looked in his direction. I had seen the blood war was no more; there were no sights of butler remains. Just knights; guardians standing tall next to the butler.

“Are they okay? Guards! Get back here please!” I screamed. The butler just stood there; while looking at me with a grin. “They are taken care of princess; no more danger in the castle, don’t you agree?” The butler laughed. “Yeah, I guess; yet are they dead!” I asked, while gasping. “Well they tried to use their swords on me; so I swung at them”, butler shouted. I could not believe my eyes; it had seemed to be a terrible outcome. No blood was shed; no dead butler; damn it...

“Anyway, I am going to report this to the king; I should not be threatened by his loyal servants”, the butler replied; he smiled as the same time too. I despised him even more; I wanted to take care of him for good. Father finds out that he was the innocent man in the situation. He could become a royal one; someone who could boss me around evens more. I intended on removing him from the castle; destroying him forever. I jogged over to the knight’s bodies, while grabbing the heavy sword.

Thankfully the butler was nowhere near the kitchen. He was still on the stairs; I heard footsteps. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” I shouted; while hiding the sword in my bedroom. Underneath the cradled beads that were from my broken necklace. Beneath the wooden surfaces of my bed’s structure; lay a sword, the sword I was going to use. The butler gasped; while then running back to my room; good to see I have order still. I smirked, while waiting for the butler.

“Sorry madam, I shall report my experience in the castle tomorrow; your father can expect a full written report too”, he said; as I watched him click his fingers. Inside my room; there I laid, my back curved against the blankets; while my legs were sprayed out on the floor. My hands were behind my back; near the sword, so I could make a quick switch. “Madam, why do you think the guards; attack me...” he asked; while showing a horrified face. I wanted to lie; yet his face expression made me feel sorry. Yet I still wanted his head on stick; for lunch or dinner; he shall be served with justice.

“Who knows; maybe father is sick of you, it’s possible right?” I said while holding back a giggle. He sighed deeply; as he held onto the bed rail. “Well; do you still want me as your butler?” He asked me a question I had been waiting to hear for a life time. I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste. As he had delivered a question I craved for; it excited me to a limit. I had dropped the sword; no longer in my hands. The sound of the sword colliding with the floor; the butler had heard it.

“What was that? Princess, is there another guard out there?” He shook while holding his knees; against the wall in the corner of my room. “Calm down; your just being paranoid”, I whispered. Since he was now in a lot of fear; I grabbed the sword behind my back once again. “I heard... that your getting married tomorrow princess; do you want me to help you that?” He asked; while still shaking from the fear inside of him.

“I don’t need assistance sir; I may do as I wish”, I whispered; keeping a tight grip around the rims of the sword. “Well, I was just asking; I’m sorry if I am annoying you princess”, he sighed deeply. His sighs started to anger me further; I could not stand feeling sorry for this scum. “You’re like scum on my feet; I wipe you off when I feel; if I don’t your with me forever”, I whispered; while smirking. He gulped, while shaking a little more. “Okay... well I can’t be perfect princess”, he replied.

“Silence, tell you what, clean my shoes; I want all the scum off it!” I shouted, while keeping my eyes on him. “Yes... sorry princess; I shall do as you wish”, he gagged; while avoiding eye contact with me. Finally, some order over him; it felt good to be a princess. Now that I had butler under my control; not the other way around, I could keep him as a slave. “You know what; while you’re doing that; I am going to make a new rule in this room”, I whispered while slapping his face. He gulped, along with gagging; spitting out gunk from my shoes.

Before, I could make my statement; along with forcing as a new rule. I had to make sure he could not escape; to avoid any troubles with my royal family; I locked the door. He never said anything; in fact he was just shaking even more. He was now getting the full punishment he had always deserved. “Do you enjoy this? Your now my slave”, I whispered; with a smirk. Spitting on his forehead; keeping him away from my body. I slapped him a few times too; just for some entertainment in my room.

“Sorry princess; I am really sorry; can I please be let off with a warning”, he asked. I gave him a full force slap right onto his nose. “Ouch...” he mumbled; I giggled, keeping him under my control. “Slavery for me princess; I don’t want to be a slave; butler is what I signed up for!” He shouted; while slowly backing away from my dirty shoes. “I don’t care; you’re in my power; under my control, or do you want to serve my new punishment?” I laughed evilly; demonic of me to become powerful.

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