My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


9. That Slight Overcasting Sensation

He was now a claimed dominance of mine; yet I feel something is missing...

“P-princess, you could of just killed me instead, I would of preferred it too” he sighed deeply.

He always wants the easy way out; that’s no fun. Dragging him across nails was my first idea. The rust colliding with his sore back; it would give me so much power. Well, maybe not; yet it still allows me to have great laugh.

“You can go into the castle now; oh and there is a code of conduct with me, slave!” I screamed while secretly telling him the code of conduct; I had made up.

“W-what I-is the code then?” He begged with puppy eyes staring at me. I could not take it!

“If you ever reveal that name on your back; shame shall be brought to you, along with death” I warned him; with an evil smirk; while gently patting his head.

Holding onto like a puppy; he clutched my skirt; begging for an easier way out. His begging only made me hungry for more violence. It brought me down to a level of insanity; that I was never sure of before. The whispers in my mind; my wrecked mind was speaking differently. Maybe it had seen the dangers; yet I could not care less for the outcome of what would happen to me.

“N-y-y-no, I shall not be an ignorant ridiculous queen to you! All this w-work for nothing”! I screamed while smashing the butler’s glasses. He looked at me in sadness; I could not control myself anymore. It had become so beyond crazy; I needed serious mental help; father would agree.

“You’re loosing it Princess; what if death is no option for you? Your own selfless actions could put you in so much danger. Your whole life could flash before your eyes Princess” the butler said.

He was right; death is no option for me, I cannot stand him being around me any longer! As I was losing it down in the dungeon. I heard guards finally coming down the stairs.

“This castle is father’s shield; I would have been so dull and lonely without it; so where exactly did you stand in this forbidden castle?” I shouted.

The butler looked at me as if I were crazy; he slowly rolled his eyes, I never noticed the sarcasm in his voice though. Shall do us in? Death will be the final words beneath a stone; engraved...

“If we don’t get you to a doctor or nurse; your power will go downhill P-princess” he moaned.

Not sure what he meant; I was on top of this castle already; there is no downhill! In-fact it’s all uphill from here and forever on. You need to understand the circumstances of the royal family. A dreadful sainted peasant standing in my way; do you think that was an option?

“What good does downhill do anyway; uphill seems more for saints you jerk” I whispered while clutching onto his bowtie.

“Okay, calm down! Let’s just finish off what you started; shall we? We can tell your children all about the stories and tales of you destroying a pleasant history” the butler cried.

“Stories; tales, I don’t think you’re seeing any resemblance between thee; I don’t even think your capable of bossing people around; due to the lack of good your do me. You will be ever more than a slave to me; you’re my true scum; yeah, I thought there was worst; I guess not...” I groaned with my dull face over casting his dreams.

Nothing seemed out of place to me; I could only see the good side of things. What does it take for a girl like me to claim what she wishes? People do it all the time’ we can be praised for our own doing!

“F-fine Princess, don’t come back to me though; you shall fall with the rubble; as your plan crumbles into dust” the butler said as he pulled me off his bowtie; slowly ascending into the light.

He left me? How could he be so heartless; the good I shall bring to this kingdom; it’s only a death wish if I make it to be? Who needs him anyway; he was failure to my plan; crumbling into dust is what will happen to him. As I rise to freedom; while he rots to the core.

“Selfish heartless, you’re no longer anything to me Butler! I shall return with a kingdom before your very eyes... remember it maybe the last sight you’re get to see; before you go cuckoo!”

He seemed to ignore my speech; I shall not fall with this kingdom; father shall pay for breaking a little girl’s dreams. We wish and we wish; dreams never come true! Like I said before; reality is what we make it, so let’s bring down that forth wall!

Before I left the dungeon; I had to carry a few weapons; some gear underneath my innocent clothing. The royal family will cry fear, once they hear my name; I shall feast on their sadness. Father was right about one thing tonight; it truly is going to be the best royal feast in history!

I slowly approached the weapon racks; as I could see so many deadly weapons to use; I had imagined every single image for the death of my father. What good could these weapons do? In what way would this save me from myself? No wait, these weapons shall destroy; I shall destroy them with these. Forcing the power to belong to me; I don’t care for he does to me as a punishment.

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