My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


3. Sweet Freedom; A first glance

Later that same day, I could reveal my freedom to the world!

“I just hope she doesn’t go too crazy with the freedom”, father whispered. I had seen mother nod too; so they must have agreed. Who cares, I was now allowed to leave the castle; no more barricades holding me back. I finally go to taste some fresh air; reveal my true personality to the world. I approached the two giant doors; I cannot remember seeing these. Must of been the exit ever since; I always thought it was through a portal of some sort. “Princess, this peasant was found wondering in the kingdoms farm area”, the guard had spoken. I looked up at him; as my skirt flowed with the winds. “Shall be it; he will be punished for destroying peace it’s self”, I ordered; with a grin.

“No please! I don’t want to be fed to the snakes! Please!” The peasant cried out; little did he know that it was not the pit he was being sent to. “Silent!” The guard shouted; since he had gave an order; I decided to wind him up. “Shut up please guard; he shall cry tears of love for all of us”, I whispered. “Princess, I don’t plan on stealing; I just needed some food for myself, please have a heart”, the peasant pleaded. “You’re worried face makes no difference; I see who you are, a thief”, I spoke while attempting to slap his cheeks. “Ouch!” He screamed; I had then decided to boot up his punishment.

“Guard; take him to the dungeon, he shall be chained on the wall”, I shouted as an order; with my hand backing away from the peasant. The guard saluted me; while closing his silver helmet. It’s nice to see their faces once in a while. “You have no heart princess; you’re going to be eaten by the world!” The peasant screamed; as he was dragged helplessly into the darkness. I ignored his threat; no threat is strong enough to take me down. Finally, I could continue my path towards the outside. Slowly approaching the ever green grass; the lovely smells I had never experienced.

You might say it was breath taking; it was certainly once in a life time for me. Even the birds were more visible, their voices were much clearer. So cute, I missed out on a world of cuteness... “Cooked rabbit for sale, selling as cheap as possible”, a salesman had shouted. I walked past him; he probably despised me for being daughter of the king. That was the problem; all villagers hated my father. “Get out of here you scum, I don’t want a filthy princess like you!” The salesman had shouted; while ringing his bell, it caused a lot of attention too.

“Oh look, it’s little miss everything; get out here you scum!” Crowds had shouted, even random words were making no sense. I wanted to run; yet there were too many, crowding me into the corner. “Aren’t you a fancy little princess, with all your fancy dresses?” A villager had said; as he spat on my clothes. “Leave me alone!” I cried; yet my cries for help did nothing. It made them laugh more; like they were enjoying every moment of this. They now had me trapped in a corner; while some of the female villagers threw apples at me. The male villagers punched me several times; some of them had wooden planks to hit me with. “Leave me... alone!” I cried while flinching.

Thank-fully the guards had arrived; they must have heard my cry for help. “Back away from the princess; or else”, the guards shouted. The villagers left me alone; not long before dragging me across the farm; all the horrible smells were coming from me. Those pesky villagers dragged me through dirt and muck. Horrible! “Guards; Get me up!” I bellowed, my loud roar managed to scare most of the villagers away. As for the guards, they shook while holding, they seem intimidated.


“We are so sorry my lady; I never expected this to happen”, the guards apologized. I accepted their apology; since I already had two people to punish today. I can’t punish the world, well not yet that is. “It’s fine, just next time; being there for me pleases a lot sooner!” I shouted while keeping my stubborn personality strong. “Yes, my lady”, the guards said; while their swords were sitting on the ground. “Well, I want maybe; just one of the villagers though”, I smirked. “Who; She or he will be dealt with”, the guards said. I slapped them, to keep them under my control. “Ouch, I mean... sorry my lady”, the guards apologized again. I let out a bigger smirk; while giggling.

“Guards; do me a favour; remove the butler for good”, I ordered. Not much to say; I could not stand him giving me orders. So what if he apologized, I was sick of him stopping me from being a princess. “As you wish my lady; do you want him coated or roasted?” The guard asked; I smirked again. The sunlight had died, moonlight had begun. “Coated, I would like him coated; blood shall spill”, I whispered. I couldn’t care less; I wanted that man out of my castle as soon as possible.

Midnight had just arrived; it was finally time to get ready for the big night ahead of me. I could not wait; I could not wait to arrive with a butler’s carcass. They say; I am too weak to fight, well I will show them. Father will ask to be excused, while I giggle with a smirk on my face for that full night. As the guards opened the gates; I walked back upstairs; into my room. The bed was tidy, even my slippers were coated in a shiny substance. Most of the curtains had been dusted. As for the; butler business, I just hope he accepts this as an offering; yet threats it what he deserves.

From inside my room; I heard voices down the hallway. Reaching for the wall; I pushed myself again it; while placing my ear against the cold wall. The voices I had heard; they sounded like the guards and the butler. Seems they are already doing as I ordered; I can’t wait for the outcome. “You are no longer needed, Mr Butler; we do not need you in our premises”, a guard had spoken. “I don’t... I don’t understand sirs, I thought the king wanted me to set her straight”, the butler said. I overhearing the conversations made me angrier. I wanted his head on a stick at this point.

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