My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


2. Sensational Summer Morning

Today was the day, in remembrance of many great heroes’

A returnable kiss showing some respect and a slice of rabbit for a true feast, for a true king. The sunlight had begun to shine, while I lay on my royal bed, relaxing so peacefully. My eyes were slowly drifting, slowly closing; shutting out the bright lights. As my long eyelashes would just flicker flirty lashes for a health princess. I was so deeply in love, in vain to try again.

The fluffy white pillows nested underneath my neck. My nose was colliding with a soft warm blanket. Birds had been tweeting, yet my windows weren’t fully open, so the cheering of the birds had ended rather quickly. Father, the king; he had been in his royal throne. I’m sure he is enjoying the sunlight; due to his outrageous commands, I never thought I could show hate to someone so deeply. It surprised me at the age of seven; I had begun thinking of what princess’s do.

Until this day had finally come; I now know what a princess like me is missing. Mother, the queen had always been trying to give me minor hints to my intelligence. Due to me not being so smart back then; it was rather easy to avoid any conversations with her. Yet father had my first ever boyfriend removed from the premises. It was his duty, according to the guards. My butler had told me that he did for greed; yet I never knew whether the butler is a reliable source. His more of a man with many duties; working for my father, while keeping me happy.

Mother, well she certainly promised me a wedding dress one day. So I guess it makes up for her shallow life, yeah I know; a little too violent to call a mother that. Well she was very greedy; it would make perfect sense on how father and mother met so easily. My father’s name was rather simple at first too; he renamed himself “The true order”, mother fell into his arms; which was strange at first. I was expecting it to be opposite; father held mother. Well beggars can’t be choosers.

“Madam, I assist that you work on your speech for tonight’s fest”, butler had spoken. I brushed off the dust that had been gathering inside my socks. Instead, I tucked in my skirt; keeping it royal for tonight, it was all about first impressions. “I shall begin with my speech; as I choose, understand?” I know it was a little mean spirited. Yet he needed to learn who’s in charge; I only dream of over taking the throne. Becoming a true Queen remembered for ever; never to be forgotten.

“Okay madam, I am sorry for failing to assist you; what is my punishment?” Butler had asked, his voice was so calm and relaxing. It was so soothing to put me to sleep on a night; yet tonight was nowhere near, so I decided to give him a true punishment.”Your punishment will be dealt with; I shall continue my slumber for the time being; okay?” I whispered, slowly brushing my hair; to look more like a princess, majestic and beautiful. It was my true goal; to find a true love too.

The warm breeze that had sneaked into my room; it was quite sensational. Only now, I was waiting for father to speak to me. Judging that light is now bright; surely father will be the first to speak to me. Since he over rules me; I am a lower class, allowing him to claim dominance. Yet he still spoils me perfectly; keeping me happy on the dullest days of my life too. Secretly though, I hated him; I disliked him so much, I just wish that he would fall so I could become the next ruler.

“As you wish madam, I thank thee for letting me off though”, butler had whispered. It was a common rule; whispering when you’re waiting for a punishment. I loved it, I enjoyed being the boss of someone; I guess this is how a princess is raised. Dominance over a butler while allowing other girls to become a ruler. It works out for the best of us, so I don’t see why not.

“Your punishment a waits you sir, if you break it; there will be deeper consequences”, I whispered with an evil grin around my face. My last butler was thrown into a pit of snakes; father always loved the snake pits. I remember the first time he threatened to use that technique. It was quite devious of him to do so; yet it taught my old lover a lesson. Sometimes I look up at the big blue sky; while only dreaming that someone will come to my rescue. Sure it’s great being in charge; yet I want to leave the nest, start my own kingdom.

“I promise not to disappoint you my dear, I promise not to upset thee”, butler said with his left hand against his heart. He called it an oath to obey me, he sees me as a goddess, a true princess. Father sees me for what I really am; a spoiled brat. Yet, he spoils me to make my title stick, I despise his decisions. It makes me sick to think that he can do this to his daughter. Well he had the power; so why not, us female’s only had hope and dreams. Locked away inside a castle, preventing our dreams from coming true. I just wish that most princesses were released early, so we could be free.

“Madam, I strongly suggest that you read up on that speech; sorry if I am interrupting you again”... Butler said, well if he insists, I guess I should read up on my speech. After-all it’s me who is going to be princess, I’m just a princess of the castle, I want everyone to know I’m a princess though... “I will do it in a second, just don’t rush me please”, I whispered. The sunlight had been blazing over the castle for a while now. The clouds were overcastting the rays of light, it was darkish.

“Princess, Get down here at one! We have a discussion!” Father shouted, his voice was loud enough to be heard from across the kingdom. “Coming” I shouted while placing my book on the tidy bed. It was sad to leave a nice comfy bed all alone. Butler had walked near my bed, tidying it. While I had to make a trip downstairs; I just hope its good news. Yet, father is calling, how unusual...

Slowly holding onto the golden rails, I slid my other hand across the wall; I liked doing it ever since I was a child. “Princess, we are in the kitchen”, mother called; I was a little tired though. “Okay, what is the big discussion, then?” I asked with a forced smile on my face. “We need to discuss the wedding plans; it’s about time you get married”, father said. His hand slammed off the table; as he shown his evil grin. “Oh; that again...? I can do that whenever I choose, father”. “No princess, you can’t decide when you’re a royal heinous”, father said, hiding his evil grin in between his cheeks.

“Fine, I will get married tomorrow; I shall obey that order”, I whispered. “Excellent, I look forward to the wedding then sweet daughter of mine”, father said. I wish he would give me space, allow me to roam free outside the castle. Apparently, my sister, well she had a bad experience outside the castle. Since I was now being forced to marry, I wanted an outcome for this. “Father, on one condition”, I smirked; “I shall be allowed outside the castle; no walls between us”, I whispered. Father had a worried smile; while his expression changed into a developing smile. “Shall be it, you shall go outside; yet! I do not want to find out your hurt, or else”. Thanks father; I wanted to say; yet I was too excited for the freedom I have craved since the beginning.

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