My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


1. Prologue - A Love Letter

Dear Madam, holder of the castle. Princess of the beauty;

I am writing to you today, to honour your presence, in all great respect I would love to meet you. Not only is it; that I wish to meet thee, I miss you. So dearly, I miss you. If only you could return with a candle above you; I could have that wish, blowing out the lights so we can be at peace. Oh Princess; I wish to thee, how can I compare you to a summer’s day. I just want you so dearly, with-out you my heart is empty; the words from me are in vain due to our presence of love.

Oh Princess, please return to me; in my arms or with a key.

Yours sincerely,

Your secret admirer...

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