My True Knight...

Once upon a time... there was a beautiful young girl, she imagined that becoming a princess would be more of a sport. She actually felt it deserved less obedience, it did not deserve the over rated attention that others had gotten. She made a vowel under a candle stick, "I will never abuse a princess, even myself. I will always stay Loyal; never treat it as a joke".

[Historical Fiction Contest]

Written By: Luke.

(The account we share with eachother <3)


7. Interrogating the Sad Old Butler

“Now that you’re going to rot down here; slowly losing oxygen, I think it’s about time; don’t you? About time you come out clean, not with words. N-n-no, more of a suffering death; you falling into a pit of snakes is no exception; yet I wanted to deal with you. In order for me to be successful; I need to get rid of you. So how about you decide what happens; I found it satisfying always like that” I laughed while letting go of his sweaty head.

Before stepping back a step; I untied the scarf around his mouth. Allowing him to talk, he was shaking; I could see so much fear in his eyes. Yet deep down I knew that he was planning to kill me; he has so much hatred for me now. It would be so unfair allowing him to live without a true evil punishment. His life costs nil; nothing what so ever; nobody cares about him...

“P-p-princess, you may of gotten away with this; arghhhhh! Y-y-you never ever could have done this... without the help of m-me; me suffering is nothing... you hear m-me, nothing! The pain you’re causing to me, it’s unacceptable; how could you be so vile? So corrupted to enjoy a suffering man who only served his life for you and your father...” he mumbled; while choking a little.

“B-because! You were just a saint, a barrier between me and my family; you ruined my chances of a relationship! Do you even know me? Do you understand what crap you have put me through! You mean nothing to me and my father; we laughed at you since day one. How pathetic a loser like you could want a job like this? Secretly you were just slave number five-hundred” I laughed.

“I-I-I don’t believe you, your just trying to ruin me, messing with my head! These chains are what are holding me back. Princess, remember the time when I kept you safe; I followed your o-orders, isn’t that what you always wanted; just power and l-love...” the butler muttered.

“Power is what I always wanted; you knew that from day one, so why did you fail me? What could of made you a saint? You’re no saint! You’re just a man with dreams; dreams that can never come true; thanks to me, I hope you love you punishment; it’s your last. So say your final words; while I am entertained; while I sit back and laugh. Watching you take that final breath!” I demonically laughed with a smirk on my face.

The chains around his chest and arms; they were wreaking him. The tenser he became; the easier it would be to make him suffer. The pain from being tensed in small spaces; well it certainly can cause blood problems. His arms were squeezed by steel chains with iron cuffs.

“I-I don’t have final words, I know what you want; so why don’t you let me go. I am not your solution; I can stay quiet about you betraying your father. I shall not spill anything to him; please just allow me to redeem myself. I shall be your forever slave” he mumbled his last words.

“Y-yeah, why not; not only will you be my slave though. You’re be transformed into an aggressive man; a true monster in my power. Your become a lot more than a pathetic man in chains; with my help, you shall become a true remembrance to this kingdom. Do you not see what you shall face?” I stepped back again, with a smile on my face.

“Y-y-yeah I will be an m-monster; I will do anything to survive princess; I care about my life, please allow me to become what you always wanted; I shall not fail thee. Your be my true ruler”

His final words were a lot more satisfying than I had expected. Now that he had agreed to become a kingdom traitor. Not only will he be a pet of mine; a slave too, this day gets better and better. Yet I could not just allow him a simple forgiveness; I owed him something; something painful...

“Good, now you see; no longer muck on the ground, you’re now going to rise as a guardian over me; don’t you feel so privileged to be what you had wished for since the beginning. Yet; I owe you something back right? A little something to help you remember me, to remind you that you’re not a royal leader! To remind yourself; you are still going to be scum on my feet!” I whispered with craze in my mind. I had become so power hungry; it was impossible to stop!

“Y-y-yes, okay P-princess; I can still be s-scum on your feet. I can still be a slave to you; just allow me to redeem please, you owe me nothing. Please!” He screamed while rattling the chains.

“W-well, those chains are holding you back though slave; maybe your see through me, when you return as a slave. For now; I shall claim what is mine; then you will be a free slave; under my control. Before I leave this dirty; old dungeon. Those rats will keep you company; if you don’t die from them; then surely you can be allowed to leave. Only of course; if you survive” I laughed hysterically.

“N-n-no, Princess; don’t leave me down here, I can’t survive. I’m dying as it is; please!” The slave screamed for forgiveness; while I reached into my left pocket. Pulling out some; lumps of cheese; along with some soggy pork.

“N-now your remember me; tell the rats that forgiveness if hard to gain. Make sure you make those final words count; because I shall free you tomorrow morning; if you don’t get eaten that is” I laughed while throwing the cheese and pork over his body.

Walking away with a smirk on my face once again; finally the interrogation is over. Now he shall decide on what is more important; me or death? Either way I shall be in power. Closing the dungeons; main gate, locking it with my spare dungeon key, forcing him trapped in there. Not even guardians can get in now; only my father; who will soon be dead.

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