It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


9. chapter 9

Chapter 9
Joanna POV
We got to six flags and we could hear fans yelling their names it was a bit crazy I didn't really like girls screaming my boyfriend name no one knew that they all had girlfriends cause it happened an hour ago for them

"we will sign a few and leave okay" Niall said with a mouth full of chips

"okay we will wait on the side" Jackie responded Harry was the first to get of the car the girls cheered till they seen I came out this happened with all of us they seen that we left to the side they ran to the boys and a group of 5 girls came up to us

"u better back off my man" the skinny girl with her hair tied up said while pushing Jackie I knew this wasn't going to end well Jackie get real mad real fast

"your man honey last time I check he asked me out" Jackie said pushing her back the other girls just started to tell her stuff and she looked real mad already  I pulled Jackie but she look at me with the look saying let go I soon let go cause I knew she would hit me if I didn't she started to walk up to the girl that started everything and she  hit Jackie

"back off his mine" she said while Jackie was bleeding from her mouth Jackie then hit her back and she fell

"Jackie stop" I yelled

"let her Joanna she started it" Sam said I could let her do this to a fan she got on her and started hitting her while we all tried to split them apart we wouldn't do it they had each other pretty tight Louis soon came and seen what was going on he got them to split up Louis took the fan to the side and started talking to her I seen Jackie’s face and it was pretty messed up her hair was messy and she was bleeding

Jackie POV
My hair was messed up and I was bleeding but that didn't hurt me as much as seeing that my boyfriend cared about the fan that he cared about me he didn't even look at me I started crying and I took of my heels carefully I waited to see that the girls were not looking and I started running I was an hour and a half away from my cousin’s house I got out and called a cab

"where will you like to go"  the driver said

"to this place"  said handing him a piece of paper with my cousin address

"okay then" the driver responded

I soon felt my phone vibrate it was Joanna

*where are you at Louis is going crazy to find you*

*well tell him that I want to be alone* I started crying harder I got another message it was Louis

*where are you*

*I want to be alone bye*

I arrived at my cousin’s house I looked a mess my cousin Carlos ran up to me giving me a hug he was the one I was close to from them

"what happened to you" he asked while looking at my face

"long story I'll tell you inside come on I don't want no one to see me" we sat down in his bed and I told him what happened

"I think he cared more about her then me" I said crying while hugging him

"well who do we have here" I heard a familiar voice it was all my cousins I looked at Carlos

"I texted them you where here" he said I hugged them all

"hey if any one comes to ask for me can you say I'm not here please I don't want to see any one right now" I said an they all agreed

"well you can sleep in the guest room it's right there and we need to get you some cloths and get u fixed up you look a mess" Carlos said to me

"can we do that later I really don't want to go out right now I just want to sleep" I said laying on the bed falling asleep quick

Joanna POV
Well I know Jackie she won't take a 3-4 hour drive back to Fresno alone

"I think I know where she's at" I said I'm a happy tone cause I knew she was safe

"where?" Louis said

"well she won't be in a car for 3-4 hours alone and we have a cousin that lives an hour and a half away Jackie is really close to him"

"then let's go"

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