It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


7. chapter 7

Chapter 7
Jackie POV
Me and Louis where just watching TV I let out a little yawn

 "you sleepy?" he asked me I was leaning on his shoulder

"yes" I said rubbing my eyes

"well take a nap on my bed I'll sleep on the couch" he said

"okay then just wake me up please " I replied walking up to his bed

"good night beautiful" he said and kissed me on the cheek his kisses where nice and just perfect

"goodnight sleep tight"

After a few hours I got up I hear something from Harry's room I slowly when over to see if I could hear anything again it turned out that Jj was still awake with Harry I walked back to Louis room when I walked in I was shocked Louis had slept in the bed with me but he had a different blanket and he didn't have a shirt and it was nice I wouldn't lie I laid back down and I couldn't sleep again I'm guessing Louis woke up from all the noises that came from Harry’s room he turned to my side and we started talking about our lives I told him about my dad walking out and how my mom struggle racing me and my sibling up he talked mostly of his 4 sisters I think I fell asleep because I don't remember what else happened

"hey beautiful wake up" I heard Louis call out he was rubbing my arm up and down

"yes what time is it" I asked him

"it's time to go I have a surprise for you" he said removing my hair from my face

"okay let me get dressed"

"just go like that"

"no I look a mess"

"not to me come one it's a big surprise please let's go"

"okay then" I got up and put my hair in a pony tail we were driving for a couple of hours and he walked me into a beautiful salon

"hey I had an appointment at 6"

"oh yes Louis and Jackie okay come this way" the lady walked me up to a chair and someone started doing my hair

"oh Louis you didn't have to do this you know" I said

"this isn't the end of it it's just the begging"

"wait what!!!"

"it's a surprise what I'm doing the boys are doing it to"

"well next is your make-up" said the lady finishing my hair"

"okay then" when we when out of there Louis was driving to a clothing store

"now to get you something nice and new"

"umm I don't know what to say"

"you don't have to say anything just come and choose cloths for tonight"

"um okay then" I got a beautiful black dress and he bought me some heels to match with it we meet up with the guys at the park we where the first ones there

"let's go on the swings I'll push you" Louis said running to the swings

"okay then but I can't run in this heels"

"I'll carry you"

"no no I can do it" we got to the swings we where there for about an hour I then seen Niall and Sammie she had a beautiful red dress and had red lipsticks with black heels she looked so pretty

"I see Louis and Jackie" Niall said running to a swing Niall got on top and was swinging Sammie wasn't a girl that would be on a swing she hated  them since we where little kids

"Sam come on and swing with me" Niall yelled at Sammie then I seen my sister

"Chels is here" Louis said she has a leopard dress with black heels

"I see we all have black heels" she said

"yea you guys look so cute" that's when I seen Liam and Breanna Harry and Joanna  Breanna was wearing this gray sparkly dress with gray heels and Joanna was wearing a pink dress with pink heels

"you girls look so cute" the guys said in union they all blindfolded us girls I was the one that took them all to did it cause I hated being blindfolded

"get her" Zayn said finishing blindfolding Cheli

"no never" I said trying to run they catches up to me Louis hold me for the others to put it on me

"it's okay I'll take care of you" he whispered in my ear

"okay" I said finally giving up

"Okay we will take u guys to the car" Louis said holding me up
We them started hearing alot of people scream I got a little scared since it was my first time hearing this the car then stopped we could take our blindfolds off  I seen we were in Disney land

"why are we here?" I asked Louis

"we brought you guys out here to show u something"

"well what is it?" I asked and they started to walk in front of their fans

"well I am proud to say I'm no longer single I got with her yesterday and I'm happy to present my girlfriend to our fans" he stated running to Joanna grabbed her hand and took her on stage

"this is my girlfriend her name is Joanna" he said I thought it was cute the fan started screaming and them Niall walked on stage

"hello fans I was hoping I would have a beautiful girlfriend after this" he walked up to Sammie and took her on stage

"Sam would u be my girlfriend" all I would hear was alot of awws but that was so cute Liam and Zayn did the same I was scared cause I seen all of them now it was just me and Louis

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