It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5
Louis POV
well I really like Jackie but I don’t know she might think it's too fast and early so should I tell her I don't know well now that fucking Harry told her might as well make her my girl friend

"hey can I talk to you in private?" I asked her

"yea sure" she said

Jackie POV
OMG Louis told me he wanted to talk to me in private

"get it Louis" Liam said while we walked out to go outside

"so since Harry opened his big mouth now you know I like you alot and well I wanted to make sure I make a move before someone else did so well Jackie would u be my girlfriend "he said while looking into my eyes his eyes where just perfect I could stare at them all day till I seen his face seem confused I notice I been staring at him for a while and he look a little disappointed cause I haven't gave him an answer

"well I don't know I really like you but I just meet you and I'm not that easy" I said then I notice what I said and I was an idiot I just said I wouldn't be with Louis but I'm not that easy

"I'm sorry we can be friends and move up from there I know you don't get that but I'm not like everybody else" I said while hugging him he hugged me tight and kissed him on the cheek

Louis POV
damn I can't believe this she said no but I’m going to prove to her that I really do like her I’m going start with tomorrow I’ll show her I really like her since it would be Saturday I'll book a two day hotel and we could go Disney land for Saturday and Sunday since she has to go to school Monday

Jackie POV
 "can we hang out tomorrow and Sunday please?" He asked me with big puppy dog eyes

"yes is it just going to be us two or all of us?" I asked him

"all of us" he shouted

"really all of us doing what" Zayn said with Breanna Samantha and my sister

"well I'm guessing you know them but for you Louis this is Jackie’s sister and her two friends" Zayn pointed at each one while he kept looking at my sister

"um Zayn that's a little rude you didn't say their names" Louis said

"well sorry carrot boy but I don't know their names exactly" Zayn said

"well carrot boy is introducing himself hey I'm Louis and you are" he asked trying to shake their hands

"I'm Araceli but people call me Cheli or Jackie's sister" she said shaking Louis hand and looking at Zayn

"hey Chels I think I’m going to call you that now I'm going to be your brother in law some day and you are" he said I just started blushing that was so cute

"I'm Samantha people call me Sam and Jackie calls me Sammie" Sammie started shaking his hand

"well nice to meet you can I call you Sammie too?" He asked looking at me and I nodded

"okay Sammie Chels and you are" he said I couldn't believe he called Sammie like I do I don't really  like when people steal the nick names I give people but when Louis said that I didn't mind

"I'm Breanna people call me Bre feel free to call me how ever u want" Bre said shaking his hand

"well I'll call you umm well I'll call you BreBre" he started laughing and when to a straight face

"well there's one question you have to answer right" he said trying not to laugh

"okay what is it" they all said in union

"do you" he paused for a second

"like to give me some carrots" he asked I started laughing I couldn't hold it in I then waiting to see that Zayn was doing the same

"hey I'm not kidding answer this question" he said looking at them

"yes" they all said

"there in everyone" we started laughing

"hey it's just us two you know "Zayn said

"let's go in and introduce them" Louis said holding my hand

"so what happen out there are you guys together" Harry asked me I'm guessing they come out of the room already

"no why you ask?" Louis said disappointed and looking at his shoes

"well you two were out for a while and you come back in holding hands" harry said I realizes that we were I slowly pulled my hand letting go of his

"no were not together but I did try to" Louis said releasing my hand

"aww well you guys meet my new girl friend" Harry said pointing to Joanna

"OMG congratulating Jj" I said hugging her


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