It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4
Harry POV
"hey let's go to my room" I said while grabbing Joanna’s hand she seem to like me but I couldn’t tell

"okay" she replied while walking with me

"cheating on me Harry" Louis yelled at me

"wait what" Jackie said a little disappointed

"it's okay Louis’ girl he seems to really li-" said seeing Louis run up to me making me shut me

"hey Louis really like you just keep that in mind while you’re here" I yelled out the door while shutting it quick since I seen he was staring at me

"so do you want to do" I asked her

"I don’t know I'm still in shock I'm in Larry’s room" she said then I slowly faked a yawn and wrapped my arm around her

Zayn POV
"hello Is this Jackie’s sister" I asked her

 "yea who's this, what did she do?" he asked I started giggling and she asked who I was again and that's when I answered

"well this is Zayn" I said she got so happy and she had a more calm to her voice

"oh well what happened" she asked me

"well I was talking to your cousin and she showed me a picture of you and your sister ended up giving me your number" I said hoping she wouldn't mind

"well I was hoping I could meet u in person" I said while she was just quite

"yea sure when" she asked me

"today right now where are you at" I asked her and she gave me her address

"I'll be there in about 30 minutes so get dressed"

Araceli POV
"that was either the real Zayn or Jackie pulled a prank on me" I said thinking out loud

"wait Zayn from one direction" Samantha asked me
Samantha was one of my close friend I meet her cause she was one of my sisters closes friends

"yea he said if he wanted us to hang out and I said yes" I responded

"ugh I really don't like Zayn but he's alright I like Niall he sweet and just nice he reminds me alot of Jackie cause they both really like food" she said

"I like Liam he likes batman and is super cute" Breanna said
Breanna was one of my closes friend that I met thanks to Jackie then I got a text it was from Zayn well I think it was him I still don't know it said

*Hey I really can't wait to see you -love Zayn*

*I can’t either hey I have some friends over can they both go?* I replied

*yes we can have a movie night*

"Hey do you guys want to go with me?" I asked Sam first

"yes yes wait is it just going to be me you Bre and Zayn?" she asked a little mad

"I don't think so I'm guessing someone else is over there" I responded

"okay then yes" they both said together

 Zayn POV
"well u guys I'm off to pick someone up" I said

"wait who?" asked Niall

"3 girls you will see when they get here" I said shutting the door before someone else asked me a question

Joanna POV
Me and Harry started watching one random film he put on and sat with me he was so cute how he faked yawn to put his arm around me

"hold up I got a texted" it was Cheli I'm guessing Zayn Texted her I'm scared that she would be mad it said

*hey guess what Zayn texted me* yup he texted her I started laughing so hard

*really well that's nice what he tell you?” I replied to her

*I'm going over to his house* OMG me Cheli...we call her Cheli for short... And Jackie are going to be here at once

*well me and Jackie are here already*

*no way how you guys get there*

*well Harry invited me here and Jackie came a while ago with Louis and I'm guessing you with Zayn*

*shut up I'll see you there I'm taking breanna and Samantha knowing Bre likes Liam and Sam likes Niall*

*let's see how that works out for them*


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