It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


32. chapter 31


I didn’t have time to react when he started laughing and let me go i turned around and i seen my bestfriend laughing his ass off at me

"what was that about" i yelled at him

"well since i always come in knocking at your door i thought of making an entrance for the fist time" he said after finishing laughing

"well you scared me to death"

"well i still see you breathing"

"why did you come so fucken early its 3"

"well your not ready and i need help getting ready"

"well i was going to go swim until you scared me but i guess ill help you get ready and might as well get ready my self" i finally said and we both walked back to my house to get ready 

"what are you wearing" he asked me while i was looking at the closet

"well i dont know get but im putting on my red extensions" i ended up looking like this and my bestfriend ended up looking like this by the time of 5 pm we where done and on our way to the concert we decided to take the motorcycle william was driving

"we have and hour to kill before we make line what do you want to do" william asked me

"lets go walk around and act stupid"i said and he gasped

"what is it"i asked him

"lets go roast people and run away" he said andfor does who dont know what roasting is its simple u just go to random people and do some weirs thing with your hand sammie came up with it so instead of saying you got burn we say you got roasted its very weird 

"lets go do it then" we said while getting off the motorcycle and ran to the back of the building they was alot of cars and people

"we need a plan you get the left side and i get the right side and in 5 minutes exactly we will meet up back here got it" he said to me

"yes i got it" we started running to the orders to william i got the left side and roasted so many people i needed 2 more minutes and there was a group of 5 guys i could roast so i ran to them without looking into there face i started roasting them by the 4 guy i roasted i decided to look up but i looked up while roasting him and he looked at me this was very weird cause it was kellin quinn that i had roasted 

"well i got to go bye" i said very nervous and ran off i seen william was waiting for me there already 




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