It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3
Joanna POV
Me and Harry walked to the hotel he was staying at he invited me and I seen every one from one direction

"who's this" asked Liam

"it's a girl" said Harry sarcastic

"hi what’s your name" asked Liam

"I'm Joanna and your Liam" I said while looking around

"oh so I see you like our band" said Zayn

"yes big fan" I said

"so what do u think" Harry asked me

"um well I can't believe I'm here with u guys my cousin would freak out If she seen you" I said pointing at Zayn

"the one with Louis" asked Harry

"no no her sister" I said

"well is she single?" asked Zayn

"yes she is do you want to talk to her?" I asked knowing Zayn was interested

"yes I would love to" said Zayn

"you should call her" Niall started to shove Zayn

"can I have her number?" Zayn asked Joanna blushing

"JACKIE!" Joanna screamed

Jackie POV
"what are you doing here?" I asked her

"well Harry invited me here what are you doing here?" Joanna asked and winked at me

"well Louis invited me" I said looking at Louis

"hey Zayn wants your sisters number" Joanna told me

"oh okay here it's right there" I said handing him my phone

"OMG I just meet you but you’re the best" said Zayn while he hugged me he's pretty strong

"hey just go call her sister so you can hug her she's mine to hug" Louis said pulling me to his side


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