It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


27. chapter 27

Chapter 27

Louis POV

We got back home from dropping of the girls and I was kind of sad since I was not going to be with Jackie and that guy was there cuddling with her and I could get the thought of my mind that he winked at me

“Hey Louis what you thinking about” Niall said while munching on some chips

“Oh nothing” I said trying to lie and he walked away and came back a while latter with Liam

“Hey Niall said you didn’t want to tell him what’s wrong” at this time Niall walked to his room leaving me alone with Liam

“It’s nothing” I said again

“Lou you can’t full me tell me what’s wrong

“Well you know that guy with Jackie”

“Yea her best friend”

“Yea well he winked at me before I left” once I said that Liam started laughing

“Well then maybe he likes you. Ay did you give Jackie and the girl there tickets for Sunday to our concert?” Liam asked me

“Oh I’m sorry I forgot there in my pocket still” I responded and took out the tickets

“Well tomorrow when we see the girls we can give them okay” Liam said and the boys came in and we watch movies till we fell asleep

Jackie POV

I woke up around 9 in the morning and I got so happy since I could go home I got up and started shaking Will so he could get up and we could go eat I was starving after Will got up he didn’t say a work he just walked over to the restroom

“Will let’s go so you could sign my release papers”

“God I can’t take a peaceful restroom break”

“No now let’s go so we could get some food”

“Oh coming” he came out right after he washed his hands I got ready and changed I picked up my bag and tickets and headed out of the door we when to the front desk and Will sign the papers and we headed out the door

“Well where do you want to go eat” I told Will while getting on his motorcycle it was a Harley Davidson sportster iron 883 2013 it was all black it was just so nice

“When did you get this” I asked him and he just ignore me he drove to Denny’s and we ate there and he asked me about me and Louis it was funny since he referred to him as a ‘pretty boy’ once in a while I would ask about the new motorcycle but he would only answer some of them as we pulled up in front of my house I was getting the hint that this motorcycle was not his

“Jackie” he said as he was getting up


“Can I Like?” I cut him off before he said anything since I knew what he was going to ask me

“Stay at my house on Sunday after the concert”

“Yea how did you know I was going to ask you that?”

“Will I know how your mom she will kick u out that day since you will be home late”

“Oh well can I stay over that day”

“Yea of course you can” I said and he handed me the keys to his motorcycle

“What why did you give me the keys to your motorcycle”

“Correction your motorcycle”

“William I can’t take this” I said trying to hand him back the keys

“No it’s yours it’s a gift from your mom”


“She said she has been trying to get you one since you were 15 and she has been saving it up to buy it for your 18 birthday”

“I turned 18 months ago why she gave it to me now”

“She didn’t have enough she needed extra time” with that I got out my phone out and texted my mom thanks and gave Will a big hug he left after that and I ran inside to find that no one was there

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