It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


26. chapter 26

Chapter 26

Louis POV

I already didn’t like this guy and to top it off this guy was lying down with MY GIRLFRIEND hugging her and now I found out that he was going to be sleeping here with her

“Louis we have to go it’s getting late and we still have to drop of the girls” Liam said

“Yes daddy Liam” I said teasing him as they walked out of the room leaving me Jackie and her best friend

“Can I talk to you outside real quick” I said referring to her best friend

“Sure I see why not” he said getting up from the bed and kissed her on the head like I did I was mad when I seen this

“Can you please take her of her” I said holding my anger in

“I will” he said winking at me and walking in the room I walked in and kissed Jackie good bye

Jackie POV

I seen my best friend walking back in and he had a smile on his face that smile told me he just had done something as Louis gave me a kiss I seen that William wanted to laugh so bad as Louis walked out William couldn’t handle and started laughing so hard

“What is wrong with you” I said

“I winked at him before we came in” he said between laughs

“Oh god you are crazy” I said busting out laughing after that we he lay down next to me and hugged me

“Guess what I got for you just to be nice” he said while reaching in his pants

“What is it” I said in excitement we usually get each other gifts just to be nice the last thing I remember getting him was his shirt and since he has been waiting for me to sing for him I sang him a song that day

“You have to guess but I’ll give you a hint it’s about him” he said pointing at his shirt it was Kellin Quinn

 “No you’re lying” I said knowing what it was already

“Oh but I’m not” he said pulling two tickets out handing me one and putting the other one in his pocket

“When is his concert” I asked looking at him

“On Sunday this Sunday” he said reaching in his other pocket

“And we have back stage passes” he said giving me what he pulled out

“How did you get this” I said getting it from his hands

“Well I was tweeting him about how much you love him and don’t get mad but I send him a picture of you and me and I guessed he liked you since he said he will give us that and now we have them” he said smiling at me waiting for me to say something

“Oh god William I fucken love you so much right now” I said hugging him tight and I gave him a little kiss on the cheek

“I know you do so on Sunday I will pick you up at your house be ready by 7 okay”

“Me ready by seven more like you better be ready by 7 you take more getting ready then I do”

 “So I have to make sure my hair is perfect” he said after that we just talked about how much we couldn’t wait to see Kellin and how much we both loved him me

my best friend are so alike we meet in our freshmen year of high school and we pushed each other off the stairs but I guess that’s what best friends do well at least that’s what we did I almost forgot to mention he was gay that’s why I didn’t mind him sleeping with me or him sleeping over my house for months which he did do when he got kicked out of his parents house for being out so late  but me and Araceli didn’t mind they all got use to him being around I slowly closed my eyes and feel asleep in his arms

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