It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


24. chapter 24

Chapter 24

Jackie POV

“Come in already” Louis said while holding the door so it won’t close

“Okay” I finally said and ran inside and when to a corner closest to the door

“See nothing is” he said before the elevator stopped in between floors

“We are going to die in here” I said falling on the floor

“No we are not just wait a few minutes and it will open” Louis said making me stand up I could help but cry at this time I hated elevator and being in a small place for a while Louis seen me crying and he took out his phone from his pocket and dial a number

“Hello” he said and I heard what sounded to be Liam on the other end of the call

“Yea she is crying and we are stuck between floors” he said

“Okay well ill try to but it the stick is right in between of 3 and 4” he said and put the phone down walked over to the elevator doors and pulled them apart I couldn’t believe he was so strong

“Yea like I said in between floors just go get some help before she starts to freak out” he said before hanging up

“Liam said he is getting some help just hang in there” he said and kissed me on the cheek we stayed in there for hours and it was getting harder for me to breath I was on the floor losing my breath I was freaking out when I’m like this I can’t breathe well

“Jackie breath” I heard Louis say before I closed my eyes

Louis POV

I seen that Jackie was freaking out and she looked paler then before a little blue too

“Jackie breath” I said before she closed her eyes and didn’t respond a while later I felt the elevator move and the doors opened people ran inside to see if I was okay and I just pointed to Jackie and they ran to her and put an oxygen mask on her they call someone over so they would bring a wheel chair and they pulled her out to a room we all walked with the nurses when they stopped to look at us

“I’m sorry all of you can’t see her at once not until she wakes up” the lady said to us and everyone just looked around

“I should see her first she’s my food buddy” Niall said

“No you can’t see her first because I am she is my sister in law” Zayn said

“No you can’t she is like my little sister so I want to see her” Liam said

“No you can’t she is my fighting buddy so I want to see her” Harry said

“She is our friend so we should play paper rock scissor let see who wins” Breanna said pointing to Sammie

“I’m her sister so I think I should” Araceli said

“No I’m her boyfriend I think I should” I finally said

As we were arguing to see who would see her first Joanna stayed quite

“Will” she finally said

“Oh hey I got your text and I came right away” the boy said he had 2 piercing on his lips one on the middle of his nose long hair and a few tattoos he dressed a little like Jackie he had a band shirt and black jeans with his hair dyed blond and black just like Jackie but she had longer hair

“Oh thank you” Joanna said and hugged him

“Oh and who are this pretty boys right here” the boy said referring to us

“This is Louis Jackie’s boyfriend” Joanna said pointing at me I reached my hand out to shake it but he just turned around to the rest

“And the rest I see are with Jackie’s friend cousin and sister” he said pointing at their hand

“Yea only one can see her right now till she wakes up” Joanna said

“I think I should go see her” the boy said

“Wait you can’t go” I finally said

“And why is that” he said

“Dude we don’t know you” Liam said

“Well sorry I’m William Jackie’s best friend” he said no wonder he had matching hair with Jackie and they dressed the same

“Okay now that you know who I am can I please go see if my best friend is okay” he finally said

“We haven’t decide who will see her first so join us to see who will” I said and we all when and join back to the conversation after a while I notice that he was not with us no more

“Where did he go” Liam said

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