It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


23. chapter 23

Chapter 23

Louis POV

After a while of Jackie coming in and out I started to look around the room and everyone was kissing each other and I was there sitting next to Mary and she decided to brake the silence

“So Louis I don’t want you to be messing around with Jackie just to have fun like Kyle did” she said to me

“I won’t I promise” I said with a smile on my face

“Let me ask you something”

“Yes what is it”

“Would you keep an eye out on her when I’m not around” she said and had a sad look on her face at that point I heard the door open and I looked over to see her

“Yes I would” I finally said and she looked at me one last time before she spoke

“Okay guys it’s time for my break let go to the cafeteria” as soon as she said that Niall stopped kissing Sammie and stood up

“Food I want food” Niall said while jumping up and down like a little kid

“Well Mary I’m going for my lunch would you like anything else before I leave?” Jackie said while holding her hand

“No I’ll be fine you go and have fun” Mary said and we started to walk to the elevator the look on Jackie’s face was priceless when we were in the room with Mary she told me that Jackie was afraid of elevators so she always took the stairs but once in a while she had to go in the elevator since they would be cleaning the stairs and today was one of does days

“Come on Jackie get in its not like it’s going to fall or get stuck” Joanna said holding her hand out

“No they are too many people in there” Jackie said shaking her head so I stepped out of the elevator

“If you want we will wait for the next one and it would be me and you” I said holding her hand

“Aww how cute” Niall and Liam said

“Okay Jackie and Louis we will see you down stairs” Liam got to say before the doors closed me and Jackie waiting for the next one to come and right when Jackie was about to sit the door open and we walked to it she took a deep breath and stepped inside the elevator

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