It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


22. chapter 22

Chapter 22

Jackie POV

“So is it true are you trying to take away Perla’s patient” Kyle asked me Kyle was Maria Perla and my supervisor

“No that’s not true Kyle”

“Shut up Jackie because every time I come to do something she ask for you” Perla said in her high pitch voice

“Perla we don’t talk like that at the hospital if you act like this with Mary I can tell why she wants Jackie to care for her” Kyle said a little angry

“I don’t talk like this in front of Mary” Perla said defending her self

“Well should we go ask Mary” I said since I have seen her act like this many times with Mary

“Yes good idea Jackie” Kyle said walking in the room

“Hello Ms Vella can I ask you a question” Kyle said to Mary and she nodded

“Has Perla ever have attitude when she cares for you” He said and every one stayed quite

“Yes plenty of times”

“Okay and may I ask you would you like Jackie care for you” he said and I seen her face lit up

“Oh yes please” she said clapping I seen the boys and they all had a smile on their face and just kept on looking at me I would of told them to quit it but I could I had to be professional

“Okay Jackie for now on you will be caring for Mary” he said erasing Perla’s name and writing my name down on the board

“Okay I will sir” I said and I heard Harry chuckle

“Perla follow me we need to talk” Kyle said and walked out the door Perla looked at me and she was mad but I took a chance to make her more mad by being immature and stuck my tongue at her before she walked out and closed the door

“Okay I will sir” I head Harry mocked me and I looked over to him and he ran to hide behind Louis

“Jackie sweety can you come over here” Mary said I think she notice the way I was looking a Harry

“Yes what is it”                                              

“Can you promise me that you won’t hurt this kid physically or mentally?” she asked me and I knew it was going to be hard since he woke me up and mocks me all the time

“Okay I promise” I said after a while

“Also be nice to him I know it will bother you but come close I need to tell you the rest in your ear” she said that and I lean close to her

“I seen that you can hit hard after a year of knowing you and I see how you get with Kyle” she whisper in my ear

I forgot to tell you guys Kyle is not only my supervisor but we also use to date a couple of months ago that’s why he would take my side most of the time me and Perla use to fight he knows how much I hated her and what she done to me before he has tried a couple time to get back with me but I ignore him he has sent stuff to my house like chocolates bears and roses but I just gave them away to homeless guys or girls I mostly gave them to this lady her name was rose I meet her when I was 15 when I ran away well back to Kyle I just didn’t see him like that anymore specially since I was with Louis now

“I promise I will be nice and not hurt him” I said after a while

“Ha now that you promise that you can’t be mean to me or hurt me” harry said dancing like he was crazy

“Starting tomorrow” I said in the middle of him dancing and he stopped and ran behind Louis again

“Harry get away” Louis said pushing Harry away and walking up to me and giving me a hug

“Louis Tomlinson you get back her and give me a hug I was with you first” Harry said stomping his foot on the ground and I looked over sticking my tongue at him after a while of taking care of my regular patients and Mary and the boys chatting with Mary it was my lunch break I walked in to see Joanna kissing harry Breanna kissing Liam Sammie kissing Niall Zayn kissing my sister and Louis just talking to Mary Louis looked over and seen me

“Yes I would”

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