It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


21. chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Jackie hurry up we start in 5 minutes” said a girl she was dressed just like Jackie but she was a little taller

“I’m going Maria oh and yea let me show you who they are” Jackie said to her

“This is Louis my boyfriend” as she said that I reached out my hand to shake it

“Hi Louis Tomlinson at your service” I said and she giggled and followed Jackie

“This is Zayn my sister’s boyfriend you do remember my sister do you” she said pointing to Zayn and Chels

“Yes I do didn’t she graduate high school two years ago” she asked smiling at Chels

“Yes she did and this is Liam breanna Niall and Sammie” she said pointing them out quick since she seen the time

“Nice to meet you all I’m Maria” she said before running off with Jackie before it got late

“Well you can find me at the cafeteria” said Niall before Joanna called out to him

“No not yet we have to go see Mary” she said and he sighs before walking back to us

“Fine then but we should totally go to the cafeteria after” he said

“Yes um we came to visit Mary Vella” Joanna said to the man in the front

“Oh yes she is on the 5th floor room 510” he said and handed everyone a blue slip that said

Visitor name:

Patient name out and the date:

We all filled it out and the boy pointed to the right side of the room and gave Joanna a piece of paper and I noticed Harry’s expression and he grabbed it walked back to the boy and threw the paper back at him

“She has me she don’t need you” harry said and walked back to Joanna

“Would you like anything else Ms. Vella” I heard a voice said from outside the door

“Yes can you call Jackie over that’s it” a heard a ladies voice said and the door flew in and there stood a tall girl with black hair and the same cloths as Jackie and Maria

“Dam I would hate to work here everyone is wearing the same cloths” Niall said and the lady just kept on looking at me

“Hello Perla get out of the fucking way” Joanna said and she step out to the side

“Joanna is that you that I hear” I heard the old lady voice said

“Yes Mary I brought some people for you to meet” Joanna said in a sweet voice as we walked in I seen an old lady laying on her bed

“And who is this” she said and I heard someone knock on the door

“If you are not Jackie please leave” she said and I heard the door open

“Hello Mary you called me” Jackie said and she seen we were already there

“Yes sweety I just don’t like it when Perla takes care of me” she said as Jackie sat down next to her

“I told you Mary talk to my supervisor and ask him you want me to care for you” Jackie said sounding all professional it was kind of funny

“I’m trying but now tell me who are these people you want me to meet” she said and looked over at me

“Oh well Mary this is my boyfriend Louis” Jackie said pulling me close to her

“And how did you guys meet” she asked me

“Well I seen that she didn’t feel good and I walked up to her and when I seen her beautiful eyes I knew I liked her I asked her out and she said no then the next day I sang for her and I asked her again se ran off and when she came back she said yes” I said and I started blushing

“Jackie where you running” she asked Jackie in a serious voice

“Yes I was but” Jackie said before she cut her of

“But nothing you know you can’t run” she said

“Okay what about you guys” she said he rest looking at the rest of the boys

“Well we all meet each other thanks to Jackie umm harry and Joanna got together right away that same day and then the rest of us got with the girl the same day as Louis and Jackie” Liam said and we all nodded in agreement

“Well its nice meeting you but please don’t hurt my girls there really nice” she said and the door flew open and the same girl came back with two guys by her side

“See there she is she is trying to take my patient away” she said pointing to Jackie

“Jackie may we speak to you out side” said this tall boy with blue eyes

“Sure thing Kyle” Jackie said before going outside

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