It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


20. chapter 20

Chapter 20

Louis POV

So I agreed to wake up Jackie from here sleep I know she hates when someone wakes her up harry learned that by waking her up I was walking out Joanna’s house when I heard Niall

“Good luck you might not return from this mission” we all looked at him and started laughing

“shut up nialler” I said closing the door I was walking to their house not to lie but I was a bit scared as I opened the door I seen her beautiful house the first thing I noticed was that they had cheetah print couches and there I seen hair I walked up and sat down I gently kissed her cheek and her nosed moved a little

“Go away” she said under her breath

“You want me to leave?” I said she then opened her eyes

“Babe what are you doing here?” she said

“I told you I was picking you up and the others were scared to wake you up” I said laughing

“What time is it” she said

“Its 4:40”

“I have to get going I don’t want to be late” she said while getting up

“Guess who is going to see Mary” I said and she looked at me with a big smile on her face

“You are going to love her more importantly she’s going to love you” she said

“Well I can’t wait to meet her come on lets go” I said while helping her get inside the car the others were already in there waiting for us

“I’m hungry” Niall said

“No you can’t eat you should be in a diet” Zayn said to Niall and he put a puppy face and turned to Jackie

“Here this was my lunch but I guess you can eat it” she said giving him a subway bag that had the sandwich chips and cookies

“No Jackie don’t give it to him he has to be in a diet and you need to eat in your lunch” I said before Niall grabbed the bag and started eating

“It’s okay there is a cafeteria there I’ll just get something there” she said then Niall stopped eating

“Oh god there it is” I said and Jackie looked at me all confused

“Yea you guys are going to have to stop talking about places where we are going where there’s a lot of food” Liam said

“Now I know there’s a cafeteria thank you Jackie I love you” Niall said as he took another bite of the sandwich

“No Niall she doesn’t need your love she has mine and only mine” I said as I hugged Jackie

“Well she needs a food buddy and that’s me” Niall said and gave her some chip and she started eating them

“Babe you should be in my side” I said and took her chips away as Liam started parking the car

“Ay give me back my chips Niall gave me those and that’s a miracle he doesn’t like sharing food” she said chasing me around and I nodded agreeing with her and I gave them to her

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