It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


19. chapter 19

chapter 19
Jackie POV
I got to the house and my sister wasn't here yet the house was clean and her stuff where here I started getting a bit worried and Sammie came with breanna

"have you seen Joanna she's not home" breanna said

"no have you seen my sister she's not here either and she comes out early today"

"no they just probably when out somewhere" breanna said

"yea so true" Sam responded

Araceli POV
I got home early today the house was clean I turned around and seen Joanna

"Joanna did you do this"

"yes I clean mine Breanna’s and Sam house too"


"well I got bored"

"thank you do you want to go out for a quick bite at McDonald"

"yes sure let me get my bag" Joanna said she came back a while later with her bag and we left

When we finished eating we when back home and when I open the door I seen my sister sleeping on the couch I guess she was ready for the boys she was wearing her combat boot her tight jeans like always her hair was curled with her hospital shirt she volunteer at the hospital every Friday and Monday she loved being over there I was guessing she was going after being with the boys a while



Well me and Breanna got ready for the boys to come we made Jackie’s hair she dressed in her hospital shirt she told us to tell Louis that she had to work she loved going over since she got to see Mary she was one of her patients she was around her 60 or 70 Jackie sometimes wouldn’t shut up about her but it was so cute we would visit Mary once in a while she never got to meet her grandchildren and she treated us like her family it was cute we all called her nana her face always lit up it was kind of cute we had promise Jackie we were going to visit her today since we haven’t all this week and she asked for us a lot we were going to take the boys so Mary can meet them

“Sammie u done yet” breanna said

“Ay only Jackie can call me like that and yes I am” I responded Joanna just stated giggling

“Sorry Sam” she said we all started laughing we all stopped as we heard the door bell ring Joanna checked her watched “

“it just turned 4:30 they where 30 minutes early” she said

“well go get it” breanna said she was in her room still

“paper rock scissors” I said I didn’t want to get it Joanna just walked to the door and open it “

“Guys it’s not them its Araceli”

What’s wrong why u here?” I asked her

“Jackie is asleep on the couch and she needs to wake up so can u guys do it? Please?” she said

“Hell no” me Sam breanna and Joanna said in union

“Please I-“she said getting cut off by the door bell

“that would be the boys you can ask them for such a crazy thing” Joanna said

Joanna when to open the door and u could hear them running in

“Louis can u do me a big favor please” Araceli said quickly

“Yea what’s up?”

“Can u wake up Jackie for me” she said we all started laughing at this

“Yea sure where is she at” he said

“Don’t do it” Niall and harry said in union aww they knew Jackie so well

“No he already said yes and she’s in the couch in our house” she said 

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