It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


17. chapter 17

Chapter 17

Friday morning and I got a text from Louis

*hey beautiful get ready we are going to pick you guys up at around 5*

*okay then babe well we get out at 4 I'll tell the others right now*

*okay have fun and I'll see you later on*

I ran to my sister room and told her she got so happy and she started getting ready I ran to Joanna house and told the rest Joanna was still asleep still so I jump on her bed

"Jackie this better be good" Joanna yelled at me

"well the boys are picking us up at 5"

"I don't go to school but I still wake up early"

"yea I love you to cousin now get up and eat"

"no anyways go to school already"

"okay only because if I don't I'll be late"

We got to school and hanged out for a while till the bell rang to go to 2 period it was even day that class was boring we just applied to colleges and had a few assignments the bell then rang to go to the next period I was so happy since I had it with Sammie and breanna we talked for a few minute and made me laugh so much we had the class with Perla and her friend Selena we all hated them so much they acted like everyone liked them and they where the best

"nice wig what's it made of" Perla asked me

"you mom's chest hair" Sammie said and we all started laughing Perla and Selena just rolled their eyes an turned around

"nice one Sammie" breanna said

"I know right" I said that period when by so fast we had lunch next we could of got out of campus since we where seniors we when to the taco shop in front we were eating when I got a message from Alex

*hey Jackie what you doing*

*we came to the taco shop across the street from Roosevelt*

*nice well I’m going to go visit over there to hang out with you guys is that okay*

*yea that's okay we are going to be with the boys*

*okay well see tomorrow then*

Sammie POV
"who was that" breanna said

"was it Louis" I said

"no it wasn't it was Alex she's coming over tomorrow" Jackie said

"OMG really that's so cool I can't wait to see her" breanna said and I agreed

"well we better get going the bell is almost going to ring" I said taking a bite of my taco

"yea let's go then we don't want to be late" breanna said 

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