It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


14. chapter 14

Chapter 14
Louis POV
so her cousin and her friend said she was a singer

"so why is everyone saying you sing?" I asked

"oh we would talk about that later on let's go with the guys and leave to six flags"

"okay then but tell me"

"I will tell you but late" she said giving me a kiss

We got to the hotel and checked out we were on our way to six flags I reserved it for us 10 only

Zayn POV
We got to six flags somehow fans were waiting for us there I didn't want what happen last time to happen again I looked at Jackie she was holding Louis hand

"you okay" I asked her

"yea I'm fine I promise it won't happen again" she said forcing a smile

"umm jack you sure cause there right there again" Joanna said to her

"Jackie it's okay if you want we won't stop" I said to her trying to calm her down a bit she looked mad

"yea" Louis agreeing and kissing her

"get a room" yelled Araceli

"vaz happening" I yelled while opening the door I just heard them yell so loud we all tried to hide Louis and Jackie so nothing would happen we got to the door and nothing happen the guys close the gate so no one would get in

Louis POV
We got in and they shut the gate I was just happy that this time we got to get in and nothing bad happen Jackie and Joanna looked at each other and started laughing

"we have to go on the batman ride" Jackie said just looking at me

"okay then first batman then" I said she got so happy and hugged me I hugged her by the waist

"thank u Joanna let's go on batman again yea" she said in excitement

"no I really don't want to go" Joanna said looking at Harry they looked a little suspicious

"come on let's go you guys" I said holding her hand I looked back and I seen that Araceli wasn't coming and Zayn was standing with her I walked up to her

"aren't you coming?” I asked her

"no I don't like roller coasters" She said

"it's not even scary come on" I begged her

"okay then let's go" she said and I catched up to Jackie

After we all got on a few rides I heard someone scream who was it I thought to myself when I turned around I seen that fans where running to us I looked over

"RUN" Niall screamed we all started running to the exit and got out I looked at Jackie she looked the same as when I first seen her

"you okay" I asked her while holding her hand it was a bit cold

"yes I'm fine I haven't ran this much in a while" she said stopping for air

"Jackie are you sure you’re okay" Liam asked her

"I said I'm okay" she said in a angry tone


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