It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


13. chapter 13

Chapter 13

The others didn't come with us they left to their own room

"u ready for six flags" he said to me

"no not really"

"don't worry the same won't happen it's just for us 10" he said hugging me from behind and kissing me on the cheek

"okay then thanks and sorry again"

"it's okay babe" he said we were walking to Carlos to get some cloths since I didn't want Louis to spend so much

Louis POV
We were walking to her cousins  house since she didn't let me buy her new cloths we got to his house and I walked in the living room her cousin was in the couch he was in an army uniform

"umm hi I'm lo-" I said introducing myself when he cut me off

"oh I know who you are...don't ever make her cry"

"oh no I would never do that to her"

"okay good cause if you do and she ever tells me I'll come back and look for you"

"Carlos" Jackie yelled she was wearing a pretty flower dress with a matching belt and converse on with a red little bag

"how do I look?" she asked

"good" me and her cousin said in union

She started to cry while looking at Carlos we both walked up to her

"it's okay I'll be back in 6 months or earlier" he said giving her a hug

"that's what you said last time but you didn't" she said

"we would have done it together but you didn't want to you got into this whole singing thing"

"you sing?" I said

"we will talk about that later on" she said giving me a wink

"well take care and take me with you" she handed him a picture of a little girl and a little boy on it

"where you get this at" he said in shock

"well we had two only and when the house burn down that one was gone and I always carry this one with me" she said

"oh I remember this day we painted your whole living room with bright colors and we got hit after"

"yea" she said crying even more

"do u want to take him to the airport" I asked her and she nodded

We arrived at the airport I felt a tap on my shoulder

"yes" I said

"can I get a picture with you" a girl asked me

"yes" I heard Jackie scream and running to where I was

"ALEX" she said to the fan next to me

"Jackie what are you doing here" she asked her

"well I came to drop of my cousin he's going already to the army"

"oh Jackie I remember you wanted to be in the army but u choosed to sing instead so how's that going out for you"

"why is everybody saying you wanted to be in the army and you left it for singing" I said very curious

"I said I'll talk to you about that later on" she said I just nodded my head

"well as you can see nothing really happened but I'm not doing that either so I'm finding something new"

Alex POV
I was talking to Jackie she was in Los Angeles and she was with Louis that really didn't really matter what did matter was her cousin he was so cute I did really care for Jackie but that guy in that uniform just was so dam cute

"what's his name?" I asked her

"who?” she asked


"oh that's Carlos"

"oh nice" I was daydreaming till he was walking to me

"hi I'm Carlos"


"well I'll just get going so bye Carlos and Alex" Jackie said

"bye" me and Carlos said in union I looked at him and started to laugh

"well are you leaving already I asked him

"yea but can I get your number"

"yea here you go" I said handing him a piece of paper

"I'll text or call you when I land"

"okay then bye"

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