It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


12. chapter 12

chapter 12

Louis POV
I was so glad Jackie came back but this whole time that I plan it didn't go as I wanted it to go

"I'm sorry" I said while picking her up and taking her to the bed she was a little sleepy

"it's okay" she said rubbing her eyes and kissing me on the lips

We fell asleep fast

Jackie POV
I fell asleep fast and it felt like a couple hours I had slept there when I heard someone at the door I was getting up

"it's okay I'll get it" Louis said making me lay down again

"Louis your back" I heard it was Niall

"yes I am but keep it a little silent Jackie is still sleeping" he responded


 "don't she just look beautiful" he said aww he thought I was beautiful And also thought I was sleeping

"no we have to go to six flags again but hopefully the same don't happened" Harry said jumping on my bed

"Harry stop now" I said

"she's awake what" Harry said

"oh she's going to be mad she hates when someone wakes her up I'll give her 5 seconds till she get up and chase you down" Joanna said laughing

"one" she said real slow

"five" I yelled and got out of bed harry started to run to his room I put my foot in and I heard footsteps behind me I got in an locked the door

"do you ever wake up Jackie from her sleep?" I asked him

"no no I'm sorry" he said I was just playing but before I would laugh Louis yelled out the door

"if you don't come out I won't give u carrots" 

"okay I'm coming" I started to laugh as I open the door Joanna ran to Harry

"are u okay I know how she gets when someone wakes her up" she said I started laughing

"it's okay she didn't do anything" he said

"good you want to go get a carrot" Louis said

"YES" I yelled and ran to our room

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