It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


11. chapter 11

Chapter 11

Zayn POV
"Harry has Louis come back yet?"
I asked while being with Araceli she was asleep on my laps we were all in my room

"no I'm starting to worry it's been raining and he wasn't come back" Harry said

"harry well I’m going to sleep already it's getting late" Liam said while taking Breanna with him to his room

"umm Niall I'm going to bed call me if you hear anything about Louis" Harry said he took Joanna which was really happy to go with him

"Zayn! This is your room I’m going to go to sleep call me if Louis comes back bye" he said rushing Sam out

"well I guess it's just you and me then" I said to Araceli she looked tiered

"go back to sleep I'll wake you up if we see your sister"

"okay thanks" she said giving me a kiss on the cheek

Harry POV
I wasn't really sleepy I just wanted to be alone with Joanna but I did really worry about Louis Joanna started changing into her pjs I bought her today she looked so pretty in them

"okay u ready" she said to me I just smiled and nodded

"okay come on let's get on the bed"

Liam POV
I took breanna to our room she was really sleepy before we came to the hotel we bought them pjs to sleep in since they had big pretty dresses

"breanna" I said


"you look so pretty in them"

"thanks now let's go to sleep I'm very sleepy"

Niall POV
Me and Sam got back to our room

"you sleepy yet" I asked her

"no not really"

"want to watch a movie"

"yes" she when and picked a movie from around the corner there was a movie store right there I started to make food to eat when they movie when out

"I'm back" it was Sam she had a couple movies in her hand

"What do u want to watch"

"um bridesmaid"

"okay put it on I made popcorn and got chips with candy

We started watching the movie we laughed so much by the middle of the movie she fell asleep on my lap she looked so cute right there

Zayn POV
Well it was up to me to wait for him Araceli was sleeping on the couch since she tried to stay awake from her little nap but she couldn't I started watching random stuff on the TV I heard the door knob twist I was wondering who it was they finally opened the door it was Louis and Jackie

"Louis Jackie!!! Where have u been?"

"well we slept a while at her cousin till he came and we left and came here to get our room key"

"oh well let me call the others since there worried where you were at"

"no no it's okay you don’t have to call them any ways we need the most sleep we can get I'll just take the room key"

"okay" I said handing him his room key

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